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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Release Day Review & Giveaway ~ The Next Contestant by Dani Evans

Title: The Next Contestant
Author: Dani Evans
 Release Date: September 23, 2014


It’s a contest only Jax and his fraternity brothers are playing. Whoever scores the most points wins the game.

Kimber’s a feisty young woman enjoying life. No plans for finding Mr. Right. Not when Mr. All Wrong left her in a world of deceit and crushed her spirit.

Jax is the epitome of men. His striking good looks turn heads. Lots of them. He walks past Kimber in a cloud of sex and arrogance, and he’s slowly dragging her in to his perimeters.

This wasn’t a part of Kimber’s strategy—she hadn’t planned on him and struggles to pull back, away from his striking distance, the kiss of death.

It’s a game of command and docility.
He’s gaining control.
She’s falling prey.

When stakes are high and Jax is at the top, will he let it all go for Kimber? Because choosing Kimber will end his game and he’ll certainly fail if he drops out now. And if he backs out, will Kimber still want him when she learns the dirty little fraternity secret?

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 Kimber's last boyfriend was part of her brother's fraternity and his soccer team. Unfortunately he started using steroids and turned into a mean abusive guy. Now Kimber's brother has forbidden any of his brothers from dating his sister and the only man Kinder is attracted to is Jax, the new guy in the frat and on the team. 

Jax's father will only pay for his tuition if Jax joins the frat that he was in when he went to Berkley. So now Jax has got to live by the frat rules. His brothers have devised a game to see who the biggest player is and Jax being a gambler has put his money in the ring. He's working his way through women, never taking them all the way but just enough to be ahead in the standings when he sees a woman who rock his world. He sees her at his games sometimes but she always takes off before he can reach her. She never shows up at his frat, but one day he does see her at the club where the guys have set up the game. 

Kimber knows that as soon as Jax finds out who she is she will never see him again so when he approaches her she tells him her name is Timber. Timber is her brother's ex-girlfriend who moved away so she feels safe using the name and it is close enough to her own. As Timber she and Jax start getting closer and as their relationship grows Kimber gets nervous about telling him the truth. When Timber comes back into town the jig is up. Jax finds out Kimber's secret and the shit hits the fan. Now he's falling for the girl he can't have while having to pretend to like a girl he can't stand. Can the two of them make this work?

This story moves fast and had some hot sex scenes. I had a hard time liking Jax in the beginning, he was such an asshole, gambling all his money away then complaining when he has to adhere to his father's rules. All the guys in the frat that play this stupid game are tools too. I did start to like Jax after a while and Kimber seems like a nice girl and I feel for her with the man problems she's had but she has to know that a relationship built on a lie will not work. I give this story a 3.5 stars. 


Author Bio

Dani Evan studies Romance-ology where she travels abroad many fictitious places and lives in the hearts of countless heroines and heroes. She experiences the greatest love stories, heartbreaks, high levels of angst, and scorching seductions. All adventures have been, thus far, rather… orgasmic! She hopes her characters will bring the same joy to the romance community as so many Indie and traditionally published authors have given her.

Reading enlightens all of our worlds and is the greatest escape from the daily stresses of life.

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