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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Cover Reveal ~ Say Something by TA Roth

Releasing - March 26
What most girls search a lifetime for…
I felt it the minute he set those whiskey colored eyes on me.
We had it in spades…
My body was drawn to hers the moment she set foot into the room.
What happens when you both have pasts that threaten the future?
Do you do nothing?
Do you Say Something?

22 year old Ari Munoz is used to keeping men at arms’ length.  So when her best friend Vonne guilts her into going to a frat party, she couldn't think of a worse way to spend a Thursday night.  That's until she sparks the interest of love’m and leave’m Ben Rodriguez. The electricity she feels when they lock eyes is something she's never felt before.

22 year old Ben Rodriguez has it all.  He's a football star, president of his fraternity, and well known ladies’ man. His endless pick of beauties, makes him the envy of all of his fraternity brothers.  So why are a pair of long legs and hazel eyes making him want to throw out all of his rules?
"This is hard."  She waves her hand between us.  I grab her hand, kiss the inside of her palm, and place it over my heart.  "It doesn't have to be.  I'm exactly where I want to be, and you’re the only person I want to be with. I just need you to trust me." – Ari & Ben

What happens when you both have pasts that threaten the future?
Say Something...
*This novel deals with adult themes and language.  18+ please.  
This is book 1 in a series and contains a cliffhanger.
Watch the amazing Trailer by clicking Here

Meet the author
I am a wife, and mother of two funny and crazy kids.  I was born and raised in Los Angeles, and couldn’t imagine living anywhere else.  When I’m not beautifying my clients as a stylist/makeup-artist at my day job you can find me reading, fangirling my favorite authors, or singing along to the radio.  A year ago, I got the opportunity to read the debut novel of a then client, now friend, and something clicked.  My “what the hell” attitude kicked in and a year later, here I am.  
Say Something… is my debut novel in the Speak Series.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Cold Hard Justice by Karly Germain Review & Giveaway

Cold Hard Justice by +Karly Germain 
Published by  Evernight Publishing 
Release date: Jan 21, 2015
Series: Umbra Shifters, book 4 (conclusion)
Word Count: Approx 15,700
Genre: MM Erotic Romance/Paranormal/Shifters/Suspense

Undercover work sucked. As a shadow hunter for the Umbra, Justice Cameron was used to sliding into one dangerous situation after another. Infiltrating the motorcycle club, Pride of Kings, to wrap up two outstanding cases should have been quick and painless, turns out it was anything but. Justice didn’t count on Ethan Stone’s son, Xavier, to complicate his assignment.

Xavier Lennox doesn’t care for the ‘lion pride’ way of life, so the scarred, shy loner keeps to himself, living a quiet life in a small cabin at the edge of the MC compound. He ‘fixes broken things’, and no one is more broken than Justice. When Xavier finds Justice beaten on his doorstep, he never imagined he would feel such a potent connection. The big, gruff alpha fascinates Xavier, and it turns out, the attraction is mutual.

The shadow hunter is there for one reason only. No time for complications. No time for desire...or love. Or so he tells himself, because he’s there to mete out...cold, hard justice.


This is the fourth book of this series and it would be helpful for you to read the first three but it is not imperative. Justice is going undercover to find a rogue werewolf and stop a slave trading ring. Justice is a lion shifter and will be infiltrating a pride. Justice is a loner with no experience with relationships or family but he's not concerned. That is until he scents Xavier.

Xavier doesn't fit in with his pride. His mother died from breast cancer when he was twelve and living with his half brother and his mother only pushes the fact that he is not really welcome. While he loves his brother, the pride way of breeding and having sex with multiple partners is not something he can make himself do. When he finds a wounded Justice near his cabin he realizes immediately that he has found his mate, now he just has to figure out how to live with him.

Justice is reluctant to get involved with Xavier, not only is Justice not used to anything other than one night stands, Xavier is also the son of his friend Ethan. But fighting the attraction is more than Justice can handle and he gives in to the best sex of his life. Lying to Xavier is harder and harder and Justice has to choose to between trusting Xavier with the truth about his family and getting the bad guys. Once Xavier learns the truth will he turn his back on his mate or help him?  

This is a quick read that draws you in and I read it in one sitting.  Justice and Xavier are perfect together and I would love to read more about them. If you read the first books you will get small updates to characters but I would love to read a story involving all the couples we've met so far. 

4 Stars! 

Cracking open one eye—the other one was swollen shut—Justice glanced around the room. He lay on a large leather sofa. The interior had a log cabin motif, comfy and warm, and a fire burned low in the hearth. Two cats were curled up sleeping in front of the fireplace. Since when did lion shifters, or any Feline shifter, keep cats as pets? Most animals had a shifter equivalent, but not a housecat. A man walked into his line of vision. A crow, perched on the man’s forearm, was being fed seeds. Who is this guy, Doctor fucking Doolittle? The Crow Whisperer?
Then Justice recalled Ethan’s words. He likes to fix broken things. Must extend to wounded animals. Guess he qualified, and in more ways than one.
“Ah, you’re awake.”
The gentle tone of the man’s voice curled about Justice’s little-used heart, causing it to thump harder in his chest.
“I’m Xavier Lennox. You’re in my home, such as it is, and welcome to stay until you’re back on your feet.” He gently set the crow on the table and laid a pile of seeds next to the bird. He turned his attention back to Justice. Xavier was not bad looking. He had a pleasant face, even if part of his left cheek was scarred. Short sucker for a Leonne, he observed, as most all lion shifters were built the same, very tall and broad. Xavier had a slim musculature, and wore those tight-fitting Wranglers very well. Blood rushed to Justice’s cock, lengthening and thickening it. This he didn’t need. This was Ethan’s son, for shit’s sake. Stay focused on the assignment.
Forming words was difficult. A dry croak came out of his mouth. Damn, his bottom lip was split and swollen. One day and very soon, he would pay Ethan back for this. Big time.
Xavier rushed to his side, gently lifted his head, and let him drink from a bottle of water. Cold ambrosia. It soothed his raw throat. At this close proximity, the unknown but pleasing scent slammed Justice hard. He closed his eye and reveled in it. He’d never experienced this before. Contentment. An inner peace. And an arousal that shot clear off the charts. His cock throbbed in his jeans in concert with his rapidly beating heart.
Lost in the overwhelming sensations, Justice didn’t realize Xavier had laid him flat, and now sat on a stool next to him tenderly wiping the blood and gore from his face.
“Someone certainly tried to do you serious damage. After I clean you up a bit, I’ll let you sleep. I can tape your ribs tomorrow. Is anything else broken?”
Xavier left the cool cloth lying across Justice’s forehead, and then began exploring his torso. Oh, sweet Jesus, his touch. His body was aflame, and not just in pain. Try as he might, he could not stop the long, ragged moan from leaving his lips.
Xavier froze. “Am I hurting you?”
Justice shook his head. No, just keep fucking touching me. Please. Forever.

WICKED HOT KILL by Karly Germain 
#3 in the Umbra Shifters

BLURB: Cheetah shifter, Killian “Kill” McNamee is the deadliest of shadow hunters—an Ender. If anyone in the Umbra world stepped out of line, got in his way, or became a problem, Kill lived up to his name. Hardened and soulless, Kill didn’t expect a brief encounter in an alley with a strange man to turn into something more serious. And thanks to a run-in with a pack of Werewolves, Kill finds himself in the kind of trouble he’d never before experienced.

Torin Stone, Dhampir, has lived many lives and experienced multiple heartbreaks through his long life and is not looking for any kind of involvement, especially with a wild, sexy, out of control cheetah shifter who is his complete opposite. After an attack by the Weres, Torin is the only one who can help Kill survive.

The more time they spend together, the stronger the bond between them. Torin will do anything to convince Kill they are mates. How can Torin resist rubbing against some—wicked, hot Kill?

BOOK #3 in the paranormal MM shifter series: THE UMBRA SHIFTERS

#1- His Great Dane short story found in Alpha's Claim: Manlove Edition Anthology
#2-Stone Cold Beast



Killian, a cheetah shifter,  is on trial for killing a three werewolves.  One he was sent after, the other two were just collateral damage, or that's what he wants everyone to think.  After getting out of solitary he goes to a bar to pick up someone to ease the hard on he's sporting. When a vampire walks in, he is instantly drawn to him even though he's never been into vamps. After some hot back alley sex the vamp disappears. Now Kill finds out his vamp is head of the council deciding if he lives or dies, and if that isn't enough the vamp is also the grandfather of his brother's mate. 

Torin's mate died fifteen months ago and he's not sure he wants to ever go through that again, but when he and Kill are thrown together repeatedly he can't deny the fact that they are mates. When Kill is attacked and lays dying in the street, Torin takes a chance to save his life and turns him. Now not only does he have to deal with the new feelings he has towards Kill, he has to help him through the transition. 

When Kill wakes up and finds himself changing into a vampire he panics but Torin has a way of calming him. When the subject of mating comes up both men are reluctant but Torin seems to deal with it first and urges Kill to see the life they can build together. 

Both of these men are alpha males and their coming together is hot!  The emotional side of each is well written and we really get into their heads. This is a quick read and a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon. 

4 Stars!  

STONE COLD BEAST by Karly Germain
 #2 in The Umbra Shifters

The Umbra Shifters, 2
Ethan Stone, lion shifter, had lived many lives. He’d been a biker, musician, and an Umbran, or shadow hunter. Everything changed two years ago when a nightclub fire killed the members of his rock band and left him the only survivor. Now scarred and living the solitary life of a nomad, Ethan just wants to be left alone in his isolated world.
Daric McNamee, a cheetah shifter and also an Umbran, has been given an assignment. Ethan Stone. Find out what happened the night of the fire and recruit Stone back into the Umbran. Not an easy task considering Ethan is stubborn and wary. Almost immediately, both men feel a mate connection, but the last thing Daric wants is to be a submissive to a scarred, terminally angry lion shifter.
However, the attraction between them can’t be denied—though Ethan tries. When it comes time for them to part, will they admit they are mates? Can Daric convince Ethan he is more than a stone cold beast?
Read The Umbra Shifters, 1 in Alpha's Claim: Manlove Edition

HIS GREAT DANE by Karly Germain

#1 in The Umbra Shifters
Look for the short story in The Umbra Shifters 'His Great Dane' in  in the bestselling 'Alpha's Claim: Manlove Edition'

Strength. Power. Domination.

 The shifters in our Alpha's Claim: Manlove Edition anthology have one thing in common—they won't take “no” for an answer. Whether they lead packs of their own, or whether they walk a solitary path, these alphas won't let anyone stop them from claiming their men.

 Lose yourself in these ten sinfully delicious love stories. After all, who could deny an Alpha’s claim?

BUY LINKS:  For Alpha's Claim: Manlove Edition

                   Karly Germain Website/Facebook/Twitter

An erotic romance writer, Karly believes romance is for everyone, and she loves to explore every facet and emotion involved regardless of gender or number of partners. The more heat and spice, the better. Happily ever afters are a must. So are shirtless, hunky men.

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Friday, February 20, 2015

Cover Reveal ~ Punk Rock Resurrection by Jenna Galicki


 Book 3: Punk Rock Resurrection (stand-alone) My world was dark and filled with pain. Loneliness gnawed at my soul. I found solace in a bottle. Music was my only refuge . . . until I met her. She was a dark Gothic goddess in thigh-high leather boots. She brought light into my life and showed me what it was like to be loved. But could she handle the demons that haunted me . . . and the vices that kept them at bay? Coming March 2. Add to your GoodReads TBR: 


Others in the Radical Rock Stars Series: Book 1:The Prince of Punk Rock I love her, but I also love him. She's everything to me. He sets my world on fire. It's our dirty little secret, and it's about to blow our record deal sky high. I'm Tommy Blade, the Prince of Punk Rock, and this is our story. Amazon: 

 Book 2: Between A Rock and A Hard Place (read after book 1) She's a rock goddess. He's a sex pistol. I need them both, in my life and in my bed, and I'm not living without either one of them. I'll do whatever it takes, even if it costs me everything I've ever wanted. I'm Tommy Blade, The Prince of Punk Rock, and this is the continuation of our story. Amazon:    


 Alyssa held up her shot, and Damien held up his half-full tumbler. She clinked his glass. "That's a pretty big shot you got there." "Big is an understatement. I like to use the term huge. And impressive." She laughed. "Oh really? Don't set yourself up for failure" His eyes never left hers as he took a big swig of his glass. "Don't take my word for it. You can judge for yourself." She folded her arms across her chest and stared back at him with a smile pressed into her plump, crimson lips. He finally silenced her. "What's wrong? No comeback? No witty retort?" "I have plenty of witty comebacks. I'm just not sure how far I want to take this tonight." His cock was doing back flips, and she was enjoying watching him squirm. He took another gulp of his drink, while hers remained untouched on the bar. "I thought you wanted that shot. Can’t handle the hard stuff after all, huh?" He placed his empty glass on the bar and taunted her with a smile. "I bet that hard-ass exterior is really just a front. Underneath it all, I bet you're just a girly-girl." Her eyes opened wide, and her face went blank. For a minute Damien thought he went too far and pissed her off. He was about to apologize, but she picked up the shot glass and drained it, then slammed it down on the bar. She grabbed his shirt and pulled him so close he felt her breath on his lips. "I'm an expert at dishing out the hard stuff. I wield a needle for a living and pierce it through raw flesh without an anesthetic. The question is, can you handle it?" Her self-righteous smirk mocked him with playful satisfaction, but Damien was about to keel over from the overwhelming heat that covered his body. Tiny dots of perspiration broke out on his forehead, and he was starting to think that maybe she was right—he couldn't handle her in the bedroom. Had he finally met his match? Could this gorgeous, ferocious woman break him? Could she be the one to make him surrender and beg for mercy? "What's the matter? You look a little stunned. Did I scare you?" "Hell no." He stepped closer. "You got me excited."

  teaser da 
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The Protector by Jessie G. Review & Giveaway

The Protector Tour Banner

The Protector Final - 700H 

  The Protector Sizzling Miami #3 by Jessie G.

GGR-LB Blurb

There was a time when Master Saul Alvarez filled his days fighting and his nights teaching willing subs the pleasure of his whip. His compassionate understanding of the masochist mind makes him the most sought after professional sadist in the Miami BDSM community. Neither role invites long term relationships, but he’s comfortable with his solitary existence until he is charged with guarding Durango’s prized whore. One look into those terror filled eyes has him vowing to risk it all to save the beautiful man.

 Javier Escardo had been praying for death, but never expected the stone cold killer he got in response. One glimpse into those sinful eyes reveals not only the promise of retribution, but a reason to live. Eight years later, free and mostly sane, Javier is determined to take what belongs to him. Saul’s heart. Through hell and back, through layers of pain and shifting realities, that one truth has remained firm. His protector needs saving and he can’t do it alone.

 Hidden beneath the public persona, Kyle Jensen is a man who craves to be invisible without being insignificant. He longs to find a Master who will see his need to be taken over without abusing him and a lover who will care about him beyond the sexual games. It isn’t until he encounters the smoldering combination of Saul and Javier that he realizes it was never supposed to be just one partner at all. Can two battered hearts be mended by the love of a third? Kyle becomes the light to their darkness, and he’s willing to risk his heart for theirs, but when the past threatens Saul, will Javier’s sacrifice destroy them all?

 Author’s Note: The Protector deals with issues of sexual abuse and forced prostitution. While these acts are not detailed on the page, there are many references to them and the ongoing fight to heal and overcome. This book should not be read by anyone who would be adversely affected by these references.

GGR-LB Buy Link

FAR Jessie G Bio Photo


Like many readers, the dream of being a writer has been with me a long time. After three decades of trying, I'd begun to doubt. Thanks to social media, I followed my favorite authors hoping to glean some words of wisdom as I pounded out half-formed ideas with alarming regularity. Two repetitive themes emerged: To be a great writer you must read a lot and your butt must be in the chair every day like it's a job. The more you write, the easier it will be to write and the better you will be at writing. I took that advice to heart and write every day. With two published books and counting, it's been amazing to have made this dream my reality.
I am a firm believer in marriage equality, love at first sight, power dynamics and happily ever after. I'm a lover of strong secondary characters and series filled with families, biological or chosen. All are themes you'll find throughout my books.
Website | Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | Google+ | Ello | tsu | Goodreads | Tumbler


I absolutely loved the second book of this series and found that I wasn't missing anything for not reading the first one, so I eagerly signed up for this one!  I enjoyed this book but was definitely missing not having read book one.  There were references to other characters which left me floundering to see the connections. That being said I love these characters!  

Saul is bending under the weight of his relationship with Javier. He has to keep him safe and has a very regimented way of keeping their lives going. Javier is wounded but he's ready to start living again and Saul is holding him back from taking control of his life. Both men love each other and but find themselves missing a big part of themselves. In walks Kyle, the porn star. He sees Saul and Javier in a diner and marvels at their connection. They are exactly what he wants and when they meet at a club later he feels they may be the answer to his desires. Kyle is the answer to Saul and Javier's relationship as well. He comes in with no preconceived notions and allows each man to be himself. He allows Saul to finally see that Javier is stronger, and for Saul to let out his inner dominant.

The three still have to deal with life threatening circumstances and turn to their friends for help. This is where reading book one would have helped me with the background. The climax to the book comes when Javier and Saul's life gets thrown back in time and how the three make it through together.

I'm giving this book 4 stars but it probably would have been closer to 5 if I had read the first book. 

The Protector Tour Stops


We are giving 2 lucky readers a chance to win a Kindle e-copy of The Protector by Jessie G, all you need to do to enter is leave a comment below with your contact info. Comments must be time/date stamped by Midnight Pacific time on February 25 , to be eligible. One winner will be selected at random on February 26 , and notified via email for prize delivery. (Void where prohibited) Best of Luck!

Tour Wide Giveaway for a Single Winner via Rafflecopter A eBook of The Protector in MOBI Signed Paperbacks of Past Hurts and For a Reason $25 Amazon Gift Card

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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Review & Giveaway ~ Bound to You by Vanessa Brooke

Bound to You: The Complete Novel: (Volumes 1-3) by Vanessa Booke (Millionaire's Row) #1-3 
  Publication Date: 11 September 2014 
  Genres: Boxed Set, Erotica, Humorous

Tour: Bound to You by Vanessa Booke
Arrogant, brooding, domineering, possessive, dangerously handsome, and a playboy. These are all of the characteristics on Rebecca Gellar’s Run-Like-Hell list for men, but she’s about to meet the man who’s the epitome of these and more…
After breaking off her engagement with Hollywood actor Miles Storm, Rebecca is ready for a change of scenery in her life and in her bed. So when the opportunity to work for StoneHaven Publishing, one of New York City’s most respectable publishing empires presents itself, Rebecca doesn’t hesitate moving to the Big Apple. Convinced she can show the owner of StoneHaven Publishing that she has the "right stuff,” Rebecca agrees to a six month trial as the personal assistant to the owner’s playboy son, Nicholas StoneHaven. This is her big chance. If she can just get through these six months without strangling Nicholas with his Armani tie, she'll be okay – easier said than done. Nicholas is the last person Rebecca thought she’d find herself pining for, especially when he hits every category under her list. Get ready for a battle of the sexes… *This novel includes all three volumes combined.
Add to Goodreads
Amazon US:

Becca walks in on her fiance screwing his co-star so she packs her bags and moves to NYC and a shot at her dream job at StoneHaven Publishing. On her way she meets a gorgeous blonde sex god on the plane. Nicholas has been on the west coast researching to open an office in LA.  When Becca literally lands in his lap he is instantly drawn to the firery red-head and would love nothing better than to sink into her. 

When they get to NY Becca moves in with a friend from college who set up Becca's interview at StoneHaven. She also drags Becca to a club while she meets with a client and guess who comes strolling in............    When Nicholas meets with his father after getting back, his father announces that Nick is engaged to Alison, an investor's daughter. Nick doesn't love Alison but his father tells him to suck it up for the company and if Nick doesn't go along he will be disinherited. When his brother Tristan invites him to a club, Nick just wants to get away from his father and have some fun. Nick has just joined Tristan when Becca appears, but before Nick can make a move, Alison comes and drapes herself all over him. Becca does not want to be the other woman, especially when her heart was just trampled by her ex. 

When Becca finally gets to her interview she is surprised that her new job will be as Nicholas' assistant. Nick wants to get rid of Becca as soon as possible, he can't keep his mind on anything but her and it makes him uncomfortable. Becca just needs to hang on for six months and then she will be able to move to a permanent position away from Nick unfortunately the pull Nick has on her won't let go.

Eventually neither can resist the intensity between them and they start an affair, but is it just lust? 

I love both these characters!  Becca isn't the size two, she's a little bigger but she's still sexy and men are falling over her. Nick is damaged both from his mother leaving and from his brother's death. Becca helps him deal with both and Nick helps Becca deal with her ex when he shows up trying to get her back. 

I'm glad that these three are in one compilation, I read them all within 24 hours and I can't wait to read then next one! 

4 Stars! 

As soon as the door shuts, I feel Nicholas’ eyes burning holes into the back of my skull. The air inside the elevator feels paper-thin. The claustrophobia sets in. It’s strange the way his presence affects me. Only moments before I felt fine riding up the elevator, but now I can barely breathe. The elevator pings, letting us know that we’ve reached the top floor. The doors rush open and a blast of cold hits me. It’s always so cold up here. Nicholas steps out and casually tosses his jacket on a nearby chair.
He disappears for a moment and returns with a glass and a bottle of scotch. He sets the glass on his desk and pours the amber liquid. I watch mesmerized as he tips it back and then sets the bottle and glass down, never taking his eyes off me. I’m starting to think he might have a drinking problem.
“What’s your problem, Gellar?” he asks sharply, wiping his lips of scotch.
You. I bite my tongue, knowing I’ll only make this situation worse.
“Why the fuck did you ignore my texts?”
I can’t speak. I don’t even know what I would say if I could find the nerve to move my lips and form words. My body instinctively backs away as he stalks over to me. In one swift motion, he corners me against the wall with one hand. He leans in to me and I can’t help but drown in the spicy scent of wood and cinnamon. My cheeks flush as his erection grinds into my stomach. A warm sensation fills my lower half. I look away, embarrassed at the sound of my panting. What is he doing to me? Is this my punishment?
“What do you want, Nicholas?” I ask, breathless.
His lips graze my ear as he whispers, “I can’t stop thinking about your tight little ass in those panties.”
He nips the top of my ear and I almost lose control. Who knew an ear could be so sensitive? I moan without warning. His warm lips claim mine as his hands go on an expedition. I resist them at first, trying as hard as I can to get away from his grasp. I’m reminded of Carol’s metaphor. I’m just another fly in his web.
“What are you doing?” I ask, confused.
“What I’ve wanted to do since Friday.”
Nicholas senses my hesitation as he grabs my wrists and pins
them behind me. I struggle to get free, but his lips crush against the side of my neck, and the sensation instantly makes me forget why I’m fighting so hard. His hands roam up my shirt and around the side of my back, cupping my ass. He lifts me in the air with one arm and I wrap my legs around him, straddling his waist. Desire pulses through me as I run my hands through his hair, pulling it slightly. Without meaning to, we’re crashing into furniture as he carries me over to his desk. His tongue explores my mouth, teasing me into submission. He growls against my lips as I try to pull away for air.
“Shit, woman, you’re driving me crazy,” he murmurs against my lips.
I silence him with kiss as I bite his bottom lip. He groans, pushing his erection harder against
me. I watch with lust-driven eyes as he sweeps the documents from his desk to the floor and then sets me on the cold cherry wood desk. My nipples tighten against my shirt as he fumbles for the zipper of my skirt, my heart pounding wildly as Nicholas unzips it.
Something inside me ignites. There’s no turning back now. I want him. I’ve never wanted anyone this much. I know this is stupid, but I can’t stop myself. I’m about to have sex with Nicholas StoneHaven, my boss, and the very man I said would be the last man on earth that I would ever be with. If Carol could see us now, she’d be yelling I told you so.
“I’m going to make you remember this,” he whispers, kissing my neck. “You’ll be thinking about it all day...” He pushes me back onto the desk and positions himself between my hips, slipping his hand up my plaid skirt. “You’ll think about me when you’re at your desk,” he says, running his fingers up my thigh and pushing my panties down. “When you’re in the shower...” His fingers slide into me. “When you’re in bed...” I gasp as his thumb rubs my already aroused bud. “When you’re touching yourself,” he says, growling. “I’m going to make you forget everyone who came before me. But first, I’m going to make you come.”
Nicholas kneels in front of me, and I can feel my heart palpitate at the sight of him so close to my center. “I want you to watch me,” he whispers, staring straight into my eyes. He pulls me to him and then lowers his mouth against me. A rush of pleasure flows through me as his warm mouth encircles me. It feels like heaven. I gasp in pleasure as he starts to suck and nibble.
“Don’t stop,” I beg, shifting my hips up to him.
Nicholas lifts his head and smiles. “Wouldn’t dream of it.”

About Vanessa Booke

Vanessa Booke
Vanessa Booke is a lover of poetry, Rom-Coms, the combination of peanut butter and chocolate, and all things Jane Austen. She is an avid reader and graduate from Cal State University, San Bernardino where she received her Bachelor's degree in English Literature. Vanessa lives in beautiful Southern California with her husband Ryan and their three dachshunds Zer0, Zoey, and Zelda. When she isn't working on her novels, Vanessa spends most of her time window shopping and taking grand adventures with her partner in crime. Vanessa loves getting emails from her readers. You can contact her at
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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Crashing Into Love by Gregory Jonathan Scott Review and Giveaway

  • Book Title: Crashing Into Love
  • Author: Gregory Jonathan Scott
  • Publisher: Gregory Jonathan Scott, LLC (January 13, 2015)
  • Genre: Gay, Romance, Contemporary
  • Pages: 96 pages

GGR-LB Blurb

Sean, a single California Interior designer sets his sights on going home after a short business trip on the island of Kauai. On his way back to the States, Sean’s world literally spirals out of control when the flight he’s on takes a course he hadn’t expected and into the masculine arms of Kale, a drop dead handsome pilot with attitude, spontaneous charm, and a hint of recklessness. While stuck on a deserted island off the coast of Maui, they discover there are situations worse than the one they’re in. Initially all they have in common are their aversions for each other and their eagerness to survive. When they realize all they have is each other, Sean and Kale set their differences aside, learn to cope with their seemingly tragic situation and find common ground. After a string of mishaps and clashing personalities, their time together proves far from foolproof when they surprisingly get swept into a whirlwind romance. The early stages of their engagement involve increasingly desperate measures to conceal their growing affection for each other and by the time Kale confesses his desires, Sean is obsessed. With hormones on both sides roiling and reality setting in, their need to explore each other grows. Can Kale hide his interest in the man he finds ideal until Sean is ready? Or will Sean’s hysterical dramatic disposition send him packing? Crashing into Love is a romantic comedy about a quirky courtship, clashing personalities, love, and a developing relationship that turns profound - but not necessarily in that order! Kale and Sean are pitch-perfect in this comical romance of unintentional companionship.

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This is the second book I've read by Mr. Scott. I enjoyed this one more than the first I read.  This is one of those feel good type books.  There is no real emotional problems with these characters.  All the angst is situation based and easily overcome. The two characters find themselves stranded on an uninhabited island after Kade's plane goes down just miles from their destination. After a harrowing free fall where Kade saves Sean's life, Sean is in no way ready to let Kade in, feeling like it's all Kade's fault. Kade is a sweetheart of a guy, easy going and just wants to keep Sean safe until they're rescued. 

When they do come together the heat between the two will steam up your ereader!  That seems to be the best thing about Mr. Scott's writing.  We never get more than just the surface of the characters, which seems true in the other book I read as well.  I wish he would do a little more character development.  If you are looking for a quick feel good book to pass the time you will enjoy reading Crashing Into Love. 

3-1/2 stars

GGR-LB Excerpt

Making every attempt not to disturb Sean, Kale quietly slithered into the ditch, taking the same spot behind him where he was before venturing out to pee. Moving slowly, he laid back with his shoulder lightly pressing against Sean’s shoulder blades, just so he could feel he was there. The touch comforted him, felt nice to have another man lying next to him again, to feel the warmth of another body, making him feel less alone. Finally Kale’s breathing went shallow and he started to drift off. As Sean lay quietly awake, he could tell Kale was getting sleepy, legitimately sleepy. His difficult day of being a superhero had caught up to him. A few minutes later a faint, wheezing snore came out of Kale and he knew for sure the man behind him was out cold. Halfway into the night, Sean was chilled, couldn’t get warm no matter what he tried to do. He tossed, turned, rolled over and pulled his knees to his chest that put his body into a tight ball. Kale felt Sean’s restlessness as well as a cool sensation emanating from his flesh. He told Sean earlier he’d do what it took to help his distraught passenger survive, and if he needed to lie on top of him like a warming blanket, he’d do it. Kale was a hero like that, a good guy. He’d do just about anything to save a life. Kale rolled over, pressed his warm chest against Sean’s back, wrapped his arms tightly around him and hoped he’d stay there in his arms. He sighed. Damn, Sean felt good in his arms. There were a few shudders from Sean, chilled ones, before he settled down and started warming up again. Kale’s cozy hug from behind felt comforting to Sean, a feeling he’d been missing and wanted to always come home to.

GGR-LB Author

Profile GJS 300x283Gregory Jonathan Scott was born and raised in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Shortly out of high school was when he began his longtime relationship with his partner and companion Scott. Having artistic hands, together they pursued building a small business in ceramic art and pottery that quickly grew into the number one distribution center for hobbyists, storefronts and scholastic industries. During that time, Gregory was approached by art magazines to write short articles and educational columns pertaining to the ceramic artistry. After charming readers by his writing style, it ignited his desire to express himself further. From there, it began. Finding a love for writing, alongside his artistic hand, gave him inspiration to design and write M/M romance Novels that captivate and take the reader on unexpected adventures. Gregory and Scott are still together and are currently enjoying home life in South Florida with their lovable Shetland sheepdog and a sweet stray cat. Currently my favorite quote... "If there weren’t a last minute, nothing would get done."

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