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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Time for some self promotion!

I'm stuck in Brad's head!!!  He's been talking to me all night and won't leave me alone!! So I had to share!  This is a snippet from Walk Into Me and I hope you enjoy it!!! Oh and BTW I will be working with Airicka Phoenix on the cover in about a week so look for a cover reveal soon!!

**Unedited and may change before publication**
I jump in the shower and while I’m soaping up I think about that one night long ago. About holding her in my arms and breathing in her scent. I hate that sex with anyone since her is just a release. I’ve dated many girls but none of them ever touched my heart. None even came close to what I feel for Lisa.

I stroke myself thinking about her caramel colored eyes looking up at me, her mouth parted and that little moan she gave right before she came. She’s just so fucking beautiful! I imagine her lying naked on my bed letting me taste her skin. My hands cupping her breasts and taking a nipple into my mouth, sucking it then flicking my tongue over the peak while my hand makes its way down her body to the place I really want to taste. She would be wet for me, and just touching her would bring that little sound from her throat. Kissing my way across her belly, stopping to dip my tongue into her belly button. Continuing down until I can smell her arousal and my mouth waters from the scent. Gently licking her slit until I come to her clit then bathe it with my tongue. Swirling around until she calls my name then latching on while my fingers invade her and find that spot inside. Her coming around me, squeezing my head and hand between her legs as the waves of her orgasm go on and on. I come in an eruption having to steady myself against the tile so I don’t fall down. I let the water run over me washing away the evidence of my fantasy and taking with it the peace I feel from imagining her with me.
Getting out and drying off I see myself in the mirror, I’ve lost weight in the past couple of months and I need a haircut. I’ve let myself go and it’s time to start getting my shit together. Dealing with loving Lisa was never easy but I told her I can deal and I won’t let her down again. I just hope to keep times when I’m with both her and Bobby to a minimum.

So tell me what you think!!!!  Are you as excited about getting inside of Brad's head as I am??


  1. Nice!!!! Can't wait to see the cover for this as well as the rest of Brad... I mean his story :-)

  2. OMG.... I'm frigging going crazy here! I can't wait for this book! So excited to see the cover! :)

  3. I'm so excited about your second book in this series...can't wait for it to be released! I'd love to do more than get inside Brad's! Thank you for sharing and looking forward to the your cover reveal! :D