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Wednesday, September 11, 2013



I was pregnant with Anna and as I was driving to work looking at Manhattan. I could see the smoke from the first plane pouring out of Building 2. At that point everyone thought it was a small tourist plane, that's what the radio was saying. I could see the buildings from the parking lot at work. I watched the second plane hit. My co-workers took me inside our building because they were worried about how upset I was and if it was good for the baby. Our boss didn't let us go home that day and it is what probably kept me sane. The images I saw on the TV when I finally got home were horrific. You couldn't get through to anyone via cell phone so I really had not talked to anyone that day. I had to call my grandmother and assure her I was fine and then call my mom. When people from other parts of the country dismiss this day I get angry. Those terrorists took something from me and everyone else in this area that day. We were naive, we were arrogant, we felt safe. But they gave us something too. The pride that we as Americans could come together and help each other - we in the NYC metro area will NEVER FORGET!!! Will you?

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