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Friday, September 13, 2013

Enemy Lines Blog Tour & Review

Enemy Lines

by Juliette Michaels

Enemy Lines is the story of Rebel Leader Rachel Lawton and Sovereignty Agent Noah Connor struggling to survive in a dystopian America. Rachel is being set up for a traitor's fall while Noah has been sent in to assure her assassination. Can Rachel stop Noah from trading intelligence that will affect thousands of lives? When Noah starts to fall in love, will he go through with the assassination or put other lives at risk by letting Rachel live?

My Review: 
The world is a different place in Enemy Lines. After "The Great War" the Sovereignty is in charge and have divided the US into five territories where people are separated from their families and children are taken from parents. They are told what to watch, listen to and even eat. Their is a rebel force trying to re-take the territories and they are succeeding. 

Rachel Lawton has made a name for herself in the rebel force and has just been transferred to Old Manhattan to help retake the Mid-West Territory. Unfortunately she doesn't trust her commanding officer Webb and if that wasn't enough she now has to escort the Sovereign "traitor" Noah Connor.  

Noah has been sent to kill Rachel.  She is too dangerous to the Sovereignty, she is a natural leader and an excellent soldier. She has helped the rebels to too many victories and must be taken out. Noah has been living the last four years of his life in the hope that he can see his sister again. He knows that if he doesn't do his job she will be killed.

Rachel and Noah's relationship is off to a rocky start to say the least. Rachel is rude and condescending to Noah and with good reason. She is being set up to be the traitor. Webb has ordered her to escort Noah and give him a map of the Old Manhattan settlement which he is supposed to send back to his superiors. When they leave on their mission Webb has set it up so Rachel takes the fall for the troops being led into an ambush. 

Noah saves Rachel's life and the two make their way out of the area and start to get closer. Can Rachel actually trust Noah and the feelings she is suddenly having?

Enemy Lines starts out a little slow. The time it takes to tell us about the war and what has happened after drags. Rachel is a little hard to like in the beginning she is so cool. It's not until we get a look at her through Noah's eyes that we see her humanity. Noah is just as driven as Rachel but for different reasons, he is trying to protect his sister. He really does not like being a Sovereign agent and would change things if he could.  He is the more sympathetic character out of the two. 

The relationship between them is quick in building there is heat there.  Both are virgins but Noah seems to know what he is doing which didn't really make sense to me. We've all been there for the fumbling of the first time but that didn't happen with these two.  I enjoyed reading Enemy Lines although I am hoping since I received a ARC that the formatting issues will be solved when it is actually released, they were a little distracting. 

3.5 out of 5 stars!

Author Bio

Juliette Michaels is a New Adult and Adult Romance writer (Juliette writes YA under the pen A.J.M. Mousseau.) I was born in San Diego and have lived all over the U.S. including New York, Hawaii, Vermont, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Montana, Arizona, and Washington state. I am a university student studying Modern Literature and Creative Writing.

Fun Info:

*My 85 pound golden retriever Titan likes to sleep on my feet when I write.
*I write from my home which at the moment is a 36 foot recreational vehicle my family and me have been adventuring in for the past three years.
*If I were a superhero, my arch nemesis would be commas and mean people.
*I love books, music, movies, traveling, and adventures.
*I love writing passionate and angsty; fun and light; fantastical and imaginative novels with amazing characters, complex worlds, and a lot of hot and sexy spice. 
*I love writing with music on and include playlists for my books on my websites!
 *I write in a notebook, with different colored inks for mood, characters, and situations. My first edit is when I move the story into my laptop.
* My favorite place to write is outside.
* I am a university student at TTU online.  
* I live with my family in a 36 foot RV and live throughout America and Canada. Psst… soon hope to visit Europe!
 * For my pen name, I use my middle name, Juliette and my husband's first name, Michael as my last <3 Romantic isn't it?
* I have lots of kids. Give me a minute to count... Six! I homeschool/unschool too, along with my fantastic husband.

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1 comment:

  1. Jill, you have a beautiful blog! Thank you so much for posting Enemy Lines and for your review! It was fun to read your synopsis of the story! I'm sorry you had trouble with the ARC - a friend just alerted me to the issue and we were able to fix it. I hope we can get together again on my next tour! Happy Reading,
    Juliette Michaels