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Monday, November 18, 2013

5000 Likes Giveaway and Excerpt!!!

My facebook page has reached 5000 likes so I'm throwing a party!  Well a virtual party! I am going to give you an excerpt of Walk Into Me and a couple of Rafflecopter Giveaways!!!!

So first the Excerpt

I’ve been watching her all night, trying not to be conspicuous about it. I saw the fight she had with Bobby, I think it was about me but that maybe just wishful thinking.  I know if push comes to shove she will choose him over me. 

I’ve talked to Joe and John and I know that she’s missed me.  They both think that Lisa is happy but there is something missing.  They are not convinced that Bobby and Lisa will last. But even if they do end up apart that doesn’t mean she would be with me.  She never had those feelings for me and I know that.

The party is winding down. I see Lisa’s mother and step-father getting ready to leave and I go over to say goodbye. Her mom was always nice to me, almost treated me like a son, which was nice since my parents weren’t the loving type.  Lisa’s step-father Karl is the same way.  Very German and does not show much emotion unless he is yelling at you. 

“Goodbye Mrs. G. it was nice seeing you again,” I lean down to kiss her cheek.

“Brad, I keep telling you that you can call me Nancy now,” she hugs me.  “I want you to be patient with Lisa,” she whispers in my ear, “She is still finding her way.”

“I will,” I promise her but am a little confused by what she means.  I shake her husband’s hand as Lisa and Bobby come up.

“Bye Mom,” Lisa hugs her, “Thank you for coming, are you sure you don’t want us to get you a room? I don’t like the fact that you are driving back to PA tonight.”

“We’ll be fine,” her mom tells her, “You know we like to sleep in our own bed.”

Her mom would stay but her step-father wants to go home.  Her mom was always the cool mom, she had parties knowing we would drink but all she did was take our keys away when we walked in and made sure everyone knew they were staying the night.  Not that she supplied us the alcohol but she knew us all well enough to know that someone would bring some. 

Bobby gives mom a hug too and shakes Karl’s hand. “Be careful and let us know when you get home, even if you just leave a message on Lisa’s phone.”

They agree and walk out to their car.  Bobby gives Lisa a hug, “I’m going to help clean up.  Why don’t you take the gifts into your bedroom?  Brad can you help her?”

Now for the giveaways!!

This one is for US Only

And this one is International

Good Luck everyone!!!

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