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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Breach of Contract by JR Gray Review & Giveaway

Book: Breach of Contract (Bound Book 2)
Author: J.R. Gray
Genre: BDSM M/M Erotic
With the legal trouble behind them, Daniel Caplin and Rafael Argon are ready to settle into a low key d/s relationship, but life is unrelenting, when blackmail shatters their illusion of happily ever after. Pictures from one of the Rafael’s public scenes instill fear into his new Submissive, Daniel, acting as a wedge driving the new couple apart.
            The building peril in George’s community weighs heavy on his shoulders as he struggles to find the culprit while hiding his feelings for his new house guest. Jesse is torn between ending his marriage, picking up a rebound he should have left fifteen years in the past, and the dangling carrot of a possible relationship with a man. He is forced to fight for what he wants most, a leap he may be too chicken to take.
            In the sequel to Legally Bound George battles to take down an unknown enemy, while watching helpless, as those he cares for most are broken beyond repair. Can Rafael and Daniel rebuild their trust after it's broken with lies?
The back elevator dinged as he approached, and the doors slid back to reveal Jesse's face. He had circles under his eyes and worry lines in his forehead. Two fingers held a garment bag over one shoulder and a duffle over his other.
            Is it still okay if I stay? He put a smile on his lips that George knew was fake.
            But of course. Let me help you. George approached him and tried totake the bag, but Jesse didnt move to hand it over.
            Ive got it.
            Dont be absurd. I would have a slave do it, but hes rather tied up at the moment.
            The statement earned a chuckle out of Jesse, and he gave up the bag. Even hurt Jesse had a light in his blue eyes and his heart on his sleeve, a trait that made him wholly unique compared to the masks most wore to impress George.
            I can stay on the sofa or something if the slaves use the guest rooms.
            George laughed and turned his back to stalk down the hall. When he didnt hear Jesse following, he cast a glance over his shoulder.
            Slaves in bed how naive you really are, handsome.
            Jesse started after him, brow creased. Where do they sleep then? He caught up and followed George to the other side of the penthouse.
            He realized Jesse was serious, and he laughed throatily again. I have cages for them.
            I love you and Daniel, but your lifestyle is fucked.
I did not read the first book of this series but I didn't feel left out of anything. From the synopsis you think that the story has more to do with Daniel and Rafael, but they are bit players in this story. This book is mainly about George and Jesse. George aka King, is the head of the BDSM community and everyone bows down to him, everyone that is except the man that for the first time in years interests George beyond the playroom. The problem? Jesse is married, not that his marriage is happy, in fact he has finally decided to leave his wife. He is drawn to George but is unsure if he has the guts to follow through with his feelings, especially since George is so dominant. 
This was a great story about the struggle both these characters go through. The subplot includes the characters from the previous book and we follow along with the investigation of who would like to bring down the BDSM community. Truth be told, I figured out the culprit about a third of the way through the book, but I have a way of doing that, it may not be so easy for you. Either way the storyline moves quickly and the characters are well thought out. The sex scenes are hot and I am looking forward to reading more of J.R. Gray's books. 

Author Bio
When not staying up all night writing, J.R Gray can be found basking in the warm glow of the Miami sun, or at the gym where it's half assumed Gray is a permanent resident. A dominant, pilot, and sword fighting enthusiast, Gray finds it hard to be in the passenger seat of any car. Gray frequently interrupts real life, including normal sleep patterns, to jot down nonsense. The bane of Gray's existence are commas, and even though it's been fully acknowledged they are necessary, they continue to baffle and bewilder.
If Gray wasn't writing…well, that's not possible. The buildup of untold stories would haunt Gray into an early grave or possibly a mental institution where the tales would end up on the walls in crayon and finger paint.
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