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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Jerking Iron by Nya Rawlyns Review & Giveaway

Book Title: Jerking Iron
Author: Nya Rawlyns
Publisher: PubRight (October 24, 2014)
Book Length: 228 pages
Genre: MM, Action/Adventure, Romance, Series

Book Blurb:
With his business empire under fire and ready to collapse, Kane and his partners turn to unlikely sources for help.

Nick Lopez is a wounded warrior, an undercover major crimes cop caught in the crossfire when he brokers a deal between competing rival Miami crime families. When his best friend, David Black, calls him for advice, Nick sees it as an omen. Sometimes it’s better to get out of Dodge and live, so he quits the force and heads north.

Jace McClune has seen and done too much as a vice cop. His last undercover assignment was his undoing, leaving him with an intervention but no resolution. Thomas Kane has friends in high places and when he hints the mob’s fingerprints are all over the attempts to take over his businesses, the precinct brass see this as a good way for Jace to get his head on straight with a babysitting job.

Jace and Nick pair up for a simple sting operation, but they soon discover that under the layers of betrayal and lies runs the threat of a new operation—one that takes the skin trade to new levels of perversion. Neither man is prepared for the mutual attraction that simmers to a rolling boil as it becomes clear that the only way they can cut to the truth is to allow Jace to sink once more into the dangerous underbelly of the city.

They’re about to find out why a man you could not break was a man worth

Review:  This is the third book of the series and man the hunks just keep getting better and better! Nick is David's friend and when he gets into trouble while undercover in Miami, David tells him to come up to NYC and help deal with the problems with the escort service. Nick is still recovering from being caught in the crossfire of his last job, literally, he has the iron still lodged in his leg to prove it. He hopes NY will afford him an easier time of it. 

Jace has been working vice for too long. As an openly gay officer his last assignment pushed him to the edge, right into sub-space. Only the scars on his body haven't healed, when he is assigned to help Kane and David with the mafia connections looking to destroy their business. Not only that but he's paired up with Nick who he can't keep his hands off of. Being thrown back into the world he barely got out of with all his skin, Jace has to navigate being a sub and the desire to be with the one man who he is finding has the power to break his heart.

I loved both of these characters! Nick is a sweetheart under all the bravado and Jace is like a wounded puppy I just want to cuddle. Nya keeps us intrigued as the story is fast paced. If you haven't read the first two books you will need to before this one, there is just too much background left out for you to follow as a stand alone.

Definitely a must read for me!

Author Bio:
Nya Rawlyns has lived in the country and on a sailboat on the Chesapeake Bay. When she isn't tending to her garden or the horses, the cats, or her noisy parakeets, she can be found day dreaming and listening to the voices in her head.

Nya's M/M Collection:

Bad Boyfriends: Curling Iron, Pumping Iron, Jerking Iron

The Holiday Toast Series: A Christmas Toast, A Valentine Toast (contemporary)

The Crow Creek Series: Ash & Oak, Pulling Leather, Strapping Ash, Sorting Will, Flankman (contemporary western romance) and The Crow Creek Collection, Vol. I

The Wrong Side of Right (transgressive, homoerotic literature)

Good Boy Bad (transgressive, homoerotic literature)
The Strigoi Chronicles: Penance, Fane, Michel, Dreu (paranormal, action-adventure, dark urban fantasy)
Acid Jazz Singer (Hunger Hurts), paranormal, dark urban fantasy
Skin (crime-suspense, action-adventure)

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Grand Prize: A Nya Rawlyns Canvas Tote Bag (US Only), $10 Amazon Gift Card, and E-copies of Curling Iron, Pumping Iron & Jerking Iron

First Prize: E-copies of Curling Iron, Pumping Iron & Jerking Iron

Second Prize: E-copy of Jerking Iron

Third Prize: E-copy of a Nya Rawlyns Back list title.

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