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Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween!! Swag Giveaway!

Happy Halloween! 

I hope everyone has a fun and safe 
Halloween! I can't wait to see
all the costumes come to my 
door tonight! 

This is one I'd especially like to see!

I'm going to giveaway a Walking Series bracelet to two lucky
readers who comment on this post by telling me what your favorite costume you've worn is. 

And just to get you into the mood to party here is 

Halloween Walk

Jodi laughs at me as I try to adjust my wings. “It’s not funny,” I tell her. “You try and get these things to stay put.” Looking in the mirror I attempt to center the lace and gossamer wings. Every time I let go they tilt again. “Why did Bobby want to go as angel and devil? And why does he get to just put on normal clothes and little horns while I get this skimpy outfit and wings that won’t cooperate!”
“Calm down, I’ve got double sided tape,” she reaches into her bag. “I wasn’t sure I could hold up this dress without it.”
Jodi looks fantastic in her maid’s costume. Her blonde hair is pulled up in a messy bun showing off her pixie face. The strapless mini-dress fits her size two figure like a glove. She could be a model if she was a little taller. Her make-up hides her freckles and brings out her green eyes. “John is going to shit when he sees you,” I smirk at her.
“No, he’s going to try and find a coat to cover me,” she laughs. “You know how he hates when I show even a little skin.”
Jodi stands behind me and tapes the wings to the white and gold corset I’m wearing. The white silk panties and mini skirt leave little to the imagination, gold Michael Kors pumps complete the ensemble. Once Jodi is done I do look hot. I’m sure Bobby will want to drag me into a corner to ravish me. 
We are at Bobby’s getting ready to go to a Halloween Party at the club Joe’s boyfriend owns. It’s a gay club so I will have to guard Bobby from roving hands. It’s going to add an interesting twist to the evening.  Jodi stands beside me, “You know we have no one to impress tonight so why did we buy these outfits?”
“To drive our guys wild,” I knock my shoulder against hers, “So they will be hot and bothered all night.”
“We are devious bitches,” she smiles at me.
“Hell yeah! Someone has to bring them to their knees,” I smirk, “And make them use their mouths for more than bitching about the Giants.” 
I’ve actually made Jodi blush, “Sorry Lisa but I don’t think me wearing this outfit could make John go down on me in a public place.”
“Well there’s no harm in trying to push his limits. You guys have been together so long that trying something adventurous once in while will keep things hot,” I start to leave the room and remember my new earrings. Bobby got them for me to match the necklace he gave me before we were even back together. I slip them in my ears and am ready to start teasing my man.
Bobby has the sound system on and I hear Bruno Mars’ Treasure playing. I move my hips to the beat. I stop just as we enter the living room and Jodi tries to walk by me but I put my arm out to stop her. I want the guys to see us from across the room so I call to them, “Don’t you two look just yummy.”
They both turn to us and the reaction is epic. John’s jaw is on the floor. He is paralyzed and I release my hold on Jodi whispering to her, “Work it girl,” as she starts to join him. He is dressed in a waist coat and dress pants as a butler to go with her maid. 
Bobby is affected as well but instead of gawking he’s turned pure predator and is stalking his way to me. The passion in his gaze dampens my panties. I can feel my heart begin to pound and I’m suddenly not sure which one of us will end up begging. The man is sex incarnate his black leather pants are so tight I can see the outline of his cock. Holy shit, if he walks into the club in those pants I will have to beat the men off him with a stick. His white silk shirt clings to his body showing off his impressive Adonis like chest. His hair is longer than he usually wears it, falling just below his eyebrows and along the edge of his shoulders. I love to wrap my fingers in it and pull as I climax. But with all that the aspect that has me frozen are his eyes. Normally a royal blue they have darkened and rake along my body under his hooded lids. He gets to me within seconds and his mouth latches onto mine. This is no sweet hello kiss, this is a drop you panties so I can shove my cock into you kiss. He holds me to him so I can feel proof of his desire hardening against my stomach. My hands fist in his shirt and I resist the urge to rip it off him. 
He is pressing me backwards toward the bedroom when John finally breaks free from his paralysis and asks, “Are you two coming with us or do you want to meet us there?”
“Meet you there,” Bobby says against my lips.
I pull away from him, “No, we’re coming,” I say as reach up to wipe my lip gloss off Bobby’s lips and smile at him. “We’re already late, babe”
Bobby closes his eyes and drops his forehead against mine, “You’re killing me here Lisa,” he groans at me.
“But I’ll take you to heaven later,” I whisper getting in my angel character. I feel his reluctance as he lifts his head. Opening his eyes I see his struggle to control the urge to carry me to the bedroom and I love him even more. He knows I’ve been looking forward to this night all week. He takes a long cleansing breath before taking my hand and turning to leave.

When we get to the club the line is around the block. All types of costumes are on display, drag queens dressed as their favorite divas, bikers, cops, Indians. I think all the Village People are represented. John looks like he’s never seen anything like this before, I don’t know why he’s surprised. We live one town over from the ferries to the Grove, the gay part of Fire Island. We’ve all gone over for the Miss Fire Island pageant to watch the guys who look more beautiful in drag than many women. Bobby as always takes it all in stride. Nothing fazes my man.  
Arthur, Bobby’s driver, drops us off right at the front door. We are on the list and get right in and escorted to the VIP section. Joe is holding court at a table in his Prince costume. Dressed like he just stepped out of Purple Rain in a long velvet coat and ruffled shirt with a jerry curl wig, he jumps up as he spots us. “Glad you finally made it,” he says giving each of us a hug. 
“We almost didn’t,” says John, “The devil was trying to tempt the angel to give into lust.”
Jodi slaps him, “You were hoping he could so you would have an excuse not to let me come.” We all laugh, John has repeatedly asked if she is cold and needs his coat.
Joe leads us to the bar and hands us each a wristband. “These will get you back into the VIP area and while you’re in here your drinks are on me.” 
“You don’t have to do that,” Bobby says. He likes to pay for everything when we go out.
Joe smirks at him, “It’s already done. George and Tony know not to take your money, so get over it.”
We order a round of drinks and shots to get the party started. Since we have Bobby’s car we don’t have to worry about a designated driver. The music is pulsing through me and I can’t wait to get on the dance floor. Joe smiles at me, knowing I’m ready to shake my ass, “Patti and April are already here busting a move if you want to join them.”
That’s all I need to hear, I lean up and give Bobby a quick kiss and grab Jodi’s hand. “You guys know where to find us,” I tell them as I drag Jodi with me.
The dance floor is packed and I can’t see Patti or April so Jodi and I just start dancing. Eventually we’ll see them or they’ll see us. I love dancing and haven’t been to a club since the last time we were all together for Joe’s Broadway opening. That was the night Bobby and I saw each other for the first time in six years.  I let myself get lost in the music. Jodi is checking out the costumes of the guys dancing closest to us. Marilyn Monroe is dancing with Gene Kelly on or right, they look great together and I have to smile when Gene dips Marilyn.  On our left is a bunch of guys dressed as rock stars, Jim Morrison, Bono, Adam Levine and Elton John. Wow Jim is hot! Elton sees me looking and reaches over to draw me into their mix. He calls over to his friend, “Hey Jim, I think your ride home to heaven is here.” I laugh knowing I have nothing to fear from these guys, they don’t want to get into my panties. 
Elton spins me around and pushes me towards Jim and he puts his hands on my hips leaning down to my ear to say, “You’re a little early angel I’m not ready to leave yet.”
I give him a devilish look, “Don’t worry Lizard King I’m here to pick up a devil.” I turn and see Jodi dancing with Bono, she is a huge U2 fan. This is surreal, during high school my room was plastered with Doors posters and Jodi’s with U2, this is like a high school fantasy come to life. 
I hear a high pitched squeal and know Patti has found us. She and April burst into our circle and Patti screeches, “Why is it you two always find the hottest guys?” They are both dressed like cats, April in tan and Patti in black. They give us hugs then start to dance with Elton and Adam.
I call over, “A black cat Patti, really. Are you trying to give us all bad luck?” She swishes her tail at me and continues to dance with Adam. 
We’ve been dancing with the guys for about twenty minutes when Elton stops and his jaw drops, “Wow!” he says, “I would go to hell for that fine piece.” 
I don’t even have to look to know who he’s talking about. I turn and spot Bobby stalking his way to me, not even aware of the hot dreams he’s giving the guys who openly appreciate him as he passes. “Sorry Elton,” I say over my shoulder, “That’s my devil and it’s time I took him to heaven.” 
I breakaway from the group and walk right into Bobby’s arms. He grabs my ass pulling me into him. I jump up and wrap my arms and legs around him while our lips meet for a panty wetting kiss. I forget where we are and I grind myself into him feeling his response rise against me. He groans into my mouth before pulling back, “You were away from me for too long baby.”
“Did you come to carry me away or are you going to dance with me?” I ask while disengaging my legs from his hips. I run my hands along his shoulders on onto his chest. I have to lick my lips to keep myself from licking the skin showing from his open top buttons. 
His hands move to my hips and we start to sway together. His lips drop to my ear and the hunger I hear in his voice causes my clit to pulse, “I want inside of you so bad it hurts but I will settle for holding your body against mine for now.”
My fingers fist in his hair and pull until I can see his eyes, “I love you Bobby Harber,” and I do. I know this isn’t really where he wants to be but he is willing to endure being ogled for me. We dance together staring into each other’s eyes and ignoring everyone else around us. 
April interrupts us a while later, “We’re going back to get drinks. Just wanted you to know in case you two finally come off your cloud and realize we’re gone.” She sounds jealous which is weird, and I wonder if she and Greg are having problems. They always seem so solid. 
I shrug at Bobby and turn to follow them back to the VIP section but Elton intercepts us and laughs as he says, “I have to tell you that I’ve never gotten into hetero porn but if you two ever make one I would make an exception. You guys are seriously hot together.”
Bobby laughs and I blush. Were we really that obvious? Bobby shakes his hand, “Sorry man previews only. The rest is private screening only.” He guides me off the floor and back to our friends.
The rest of the night is spent drinking and laughing with our friends. I drag Bobby back out to the dance floor a couple times just because I want to grind on him. It’s after two am when we are all ready to leave. Bobby calls Arthur to pick us up. 
John falls asleep by the time we reach Bobby’s place. As Jodi is waking him up she complains, “So much for me getting some tonight.” We laugh at her, I can’t say the same. Bobby has been caressing my thigh the whole ride back and I can’t wait to close the door to his bedroom so I can strip those leather pants off him.
When we enter the apartment I go to the kitchen to get water and Tylenol for John to stave off tomorrow’s hangover. Bobby locks up and then throws me over his shoulder murmuring a goodnight to Jodi and John as he carries me into his room. 
After he closes the door he gently lowers me to the floor, taking my face between his hands and drawing me to him. “Angel,” he says before our lips meld. My whole body ignites as he slowly strokes his tongue against mine. I need to feel him and start to unbutton his shirt. “No baby,” he says as he grabs my hands. “I want to savor you tonight. Please let me.”
What can I say? I just nod my head and he drops down in front of me. He picks up my right foot taking off my shoe and massaging the bottom. The pressure from his thumbs cause groans to burst from me. My girly parts clench and my hands fly to his shoulders for support. He kneads his way up my calf before setting my foot down. He repeats the process with my left foot only this time he draws my leg over his shoulder then runs his hands up my thighs to my ass. His head dips under my skirt and he presses his nose and mouth against my drenched panties. 
“This is my heaven,” he says softly and I’m not sure if he actually meant to say it aloud. I feel his lips against the silk and then his tongue pushes right over my engorged bud. My head falls back and I grind myself into his mouth. 
“Please Bobby,” I plead. 
“What baby?” he asks right against me and the vibrations of his voice cause a shudder so intense I collapse back. He catches me and lowers me to the floor. My skirt is around my waist and I can see as well as feel him strip my panties down my legs. Bobby stands between my legs and offers me his hand, “Let’s get those wings off you. They can’t be comfortable to lie on.”
He’s right. Now that he mentions it I can feel them digging into my back. That I didn’t feel them until just now shows how enthralled I get with him. He helps me to my feet and turns me around, pulling the wings and tape off my corset licking and nibbling on my neck as he works. Next he releases my skirt and it billows to my feet. I am standing there in just my corset, “What I want to do to you,” he says as one arm comes around my waist pressing me back against him while his other hand is on my neck turning my head so his lips can devour mine. His legs are on either side of mine and he bends his knees so he can grind his erection into the top of my crack. My head is supported by his shoulder and I reach my hand to his cheek, scratching this day old stubble. He didn’t shave today to look more his part. I want to feel that stubble between my legs. I whimper at the thought and push myself back against his cock hoping to spurn him into action. 
He scoops me up and sits me on the edge of the bed then steps back. God he’s magnificent, all male and all mine. He unbuttons his shirt and draws it out of his pants but leaves it hanging, framing his beautiful body. His leather pants showcase his erection straining against the supple material. My pussy is weeping for him. His nostrils flare and I know he’s caught the scent of my arousal. “I’m gonna fuck you baby,” he assures me as he drops down to his knees. “But first I have to taste you.”
He pushes my legs apart and grinds his chin into my clit and that’s all it takes for me to explode into a million pieces. He laps up the juices pouring out of me. Spearing me with his tongue again and again, “So fucking sweet,” he says when my trembling finally subsides. He is licking his way up my body, stopping at my belly button to blow into it and cause my body to jump. His hands pull the top of my corset down to capture my breasts positioning one for his mouth as he pinches the nipple of the other. My hands run up his arms and caress his shoulders through his shirt, I lift my legs and dig my heels into his lower back. “Bobby, honey I need you naked now,” I say. “I need to feel you.”
He releases my nipple with a pop and stands up, “Turn over first, I want to get that corset off you.” I do as he asks and my legs are hanging over the end of the bed and as I place my feet on the floor it pushes my ass up right into him. I push back against him as I feel him working on the stays holding my corset together. He stands back and swats my ass, “Cut it out or I’ll have to take you right now.”
“I want you to take me now,” I pant at him, “Please Bobby, I need you in me.”
I hear him groan and then the sound of his zipper pulling down. Then suddenly he’s over me, his hands braced on either side of my shoulders, his head nuzzling my neck, “Are you sure baby? It’s gonna be a rough ride.”
“Yes, Bobby take me hard.” I move onto my elbows so my whole body is pressed against his. He positions himself at my opening and thrusts all the way into me. I arch my back to take him deeper and he sets a fast pace. I push back into his strokes and grabs my hair, hauling my head back to capture my mouth. He grinds against me, “I’m not gonna last I need you to come now.” He moves his hand to my clit and strokes his fingers over me in time with his thrusts. That’s all I need, my whole body breaks apart with the tremors of my release and I scream his name.  He strokes twice more into me and then I feel him pulsing into me. 
As we come down he finishes taking off my corset then drops his clothes on the floor. He lifts me and places me on the pillows, climbing in beside me, “I love you Lisa.” His arms draw me to him and I rest my head on his chest listening to his heartbeat.
“I love you too Bobby.” I stroke my hand over his abs. 
He kisses my forehead, “Best Halloween ever. Go to sleep baby.”
And I do. 


  1. My favorite costume was the year my husband and I dressed as Princess Leia & Han Solo. He's the Star Wars fan, but I rocked the tight white dress! :-)

  2. i always loved when i dressed as a gypsy