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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Embracing His Syn by A.E. Via Review

Author A.E. Via
Cover Artist – Princess SO 
WORD COUNT – 107,160
Release Date: July 30, 2014


Sergeant Corbin 'Syn' Sydney had dedicated his life to becoming the best detective. So when he heard there was an opening on the notorious Atlanta Narcotics Task Force, he jumped at the chance. But, what he wasn't ready for was realizing just how lonely he’d made himself, when he observed the loving and dedicated relationship between the two men he served under: Lieutenant Cashel ‘God’ Godfrey and Lieutenant Leonidis Day. 

Syn prepared himself to accept his lonely fate until he walked into a small pub and met the long-haired, tattooed bartender, Furious Barkley. Before Syn can even understand why, he’s overcome with feelings he barely recognizes: passion, yearning, craving. And if the dark, lustful gazes are anything to go by, Furious might be feeling the same things for him.

Just two thing needs to happen before Syn and Furi can give each other what’s been missing from their lives for so long... Syn needs to find the evidence that proves Furi’s innocence of murder, as well as protect him from a past that refuses to let go.

God, Day, Ronowski, and Johnson are still as entertaining as ever...

You'll swoon over God's massive take-charge attitude...

You'll laugh hysterically at Day's never-ending wit...

You'll fall in love with Furious' mysterious, sexy demeanor...


You'll embrace Syn... 

Disclaimer: This book DOES NOT contain polygamous sexual pairings.

Oh hot Alpha cops!!!  Like everywhere in this book!  Have you read Nothing Special??  Do you miss Day and God?  Well we get a full dose of them in this book!!  But while those two mouthwatering men don't take center stage in this book we are not disappointed. Corbin "Syn" Sydney has moved all the way from Philly to be a part of God & Day's ANTF. We meet him on his first day in the field and everything is a little confusing for him. They are busting a known drug dealer but when Syn is told to take the money and run he's astonished to find out the men he admired are on the take. WHAT?!  Of course it's all a set up to test the newest part of the team. But let me tell you all the testosterone in the Captain's office when Syn confronts Day and God; I was fanning myself.  Check out the excerpt below to see what I mean. 

Syn is obviously new in Atlanta and he goes to a bar across the street from his apartment and is instantly drawn to the bartender. But wait, Syn's not gay, right? Well his job has always come first; and being gay on the police force in Philly would not have been accepted, especially when his whole family is on the force. But he did have feelings for his ex-roommate, unfortunately he didn't act on them and his roommate found someone else. Now he's in a new city with a chance to be his real self, why the hell not, it seems being gay on his new team is not only okay but a leg up. 

Furious has been in hiding for a year; well hiding in plain site; working in his Uncle's bar while attending mechanic school. He is going to open his own garage but he has to make sure his husband doesn't find him. His abusive ex and his brother both used their fists on him during his marriage and Furi had enough so he left, and now he's almost free; he just has to serve the papers. Furi can't help noticing Syn when he sits at the bar but he can't take the chance that this guy is just experimenting with being gay. Furi is out and he is proud and he knows exactly what Syn needs, he just can't trust his own judgement. 

I loved the fact that neither of these men just jumped into bed the first night. They both had issues to overcome before they gave into their mutual attraction. But once they got together, oh hot damn!!  A.E. Via knows how to write a great sex scene!!  They still have mountains to overcome before they can have their HEA but throughout we see the building of love and trust. We also get to be reminded of another character from Ms. Via's book You Can See Me (another great read). Definitely a 4.5 Star Read!! 


“I was exactly the man for this job Captain Myers, but I refuse to work for these two thieves.”
God moved into Syn’s personal space quickly, damn near putting his nose on Syn’s forehead. He snarled, "Shut up," but Syn didn’t budge. He kept talking, refusing to be intimidated.
“The bust went exactly according to their plan. You might want to check some of your detectives' bank accounts, Captain. It seems they aren’t satisfied with their pay grade and have resorted to robbing dealers.”
“Are you referring to yourself, Sydney?” God pfftd.
Syn saw red. His hand moved quickly, too fast for God to stop it as he bunched God’s jacket up in his fists. Syn didn’t anticipate God’s anger escalating as quickly as it did. A huge hand locked on to his throat, the other massive hand gripping his bulletproof vest. God propelled him backwards until Syn slammed against the wall.
“Calm down, Sydney!” God roared.
Syn tried to unsuccessfully take a breath.
“God, back off, now!” Syn could hear the Captain yelling, but his head was pounding from the impact with the wall.
Syn knew he only had a few more seconds before he would pass out. He brought his right arm all the way up and slammed it back down onto God’s forearm, dislodging the punishing grip. Syn gulped a quick breath, crouched low and slammed his right fist into God’s ribs. He saw God’s right fist coming and he had to use both arms to block the hit. Fuck, God was strong and fucking huge. God grabbed both of Syn’s shoulders and no matter how Syn twisted, he couldn’t pry himself free. He stopped trying to remove God’s fingers and instead braced both hands on God’s thick shoulders, reared his head back and slammed his forehead into the bridge of God’s nose, finally making him release his grip. God staggered back and although Syn was dazed, he moved in, determined to keep the upper hand. In a split second he registered his legs being taken out from under him. Day had moved like a panther, dropped and spin-kicked his legs, sending Syn to the floor back first, hard.
Damn that fucker is fast. Syn didn’t let the pain radiating down his back stall him. He kicked back up onto his feet and prepared to take them both on. How? He had no idea, but he damn sure was going to give it his best try.
“Enough,” Day said easily, not even out of breath.
Syn saw God over against the Captain’s desk moving his nose back and forth checking to see if it was broken. Syn didn’t dare let his guard down. “I’ll say when it’s enough and I won’t stop until I’ve gone to IA and your whole goddamn task force is under investigation. It won’t be enough until they’re probing up your asses with microscopes for dirty money,” Syn gasped the words between breaths.
“A microscope is not what I prefer up my ass Detective Sydney … or haven’t you heard?” Day retorted.
Syn couldn’t stop his startled reaction, Day’s crass remark catching him off guard. “You sonofabitch.” Syn moved toward Day again, his resolve long gone.
Captain Myers moved in and put a thick hand against the front of Syn’s chest. “Actually, I say when it’s enough. Detective Sydney, unless you want to wait down in lockup until you calm down, I suggest you get a hold of yourself. You are all highly trained professionals and you’re acting like goddamn animals.”
Syn’s chest heaved up and down with adrenaline. He’d just taken on God and Day. What the hell am I doing?
Captain Myers turned and pointed a long finger at Day. “Day, if you ever refer to anything you want in your ass around me again, I’ll have your inappropriate, cocky ass back in a uniform policing school zone traffic.”
Syn heard Day snort at the Captain and walk over to God, squinting to look at his nose. “Is it broken?” Day asked.
God shook his head no, while glaring at Syn.
Day smiled at Syn with what looked like pride. He clapped his hands together once and whooped before speaking. “Damn, the man can rumble. Never seen anyone not back down from you, God. I like him already. I say we make him third in command. I told you he’d fit right in. Man, when I’m right, I’m right. Sometimes I stun my damn self with how great a judge of character I am!” Day did some weird happy dance.
“Yeah, I’m a great judge of character too, that’s why I don’t like anyone,” God snapped.


A.E. Via is still a fairly new best-selling author in the beautiful gay erotic genre. Her writing embodies everything from spicy to scandalous. Her stories often include intriguing edges and twists that take readers to new, thought-provoking depths.

When she’s not clicking away at her laptop, A.E. runs a very successful paralegal-for-hire business, and in her spare time, she devotes herself to her family—a husband and four children, her two pets, a Maltese dog and her white Siamese cat, ELynn, named after the late, great gay romance author E. Lynn Harris.

While this is only her fourth novel, she has plenty more to come. So sit back and grab a cool drink, because the male on male action is just heating up!

Go to A.E. Via’s official website for more detailed information on how to contact her, follow her, or a sneak peak on upcoming work, free reads, and where she’ll appear next.


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