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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The Plantation Affair‏ Blog Tour & Review

Once upon a time there lived a Plantation Prince, a handsome prince, and within reach was the love of his life. 

Many years back when affection between two gentlemen was known to be nonexistent and to remain hidden, Deklan and Logan found a way to bring their affair of the heart to life. One was the son of a wealthy plantation owner, and the other a lonesome servant who worked the property to survive. 
This adventurous and romantic fairy tale took place in the south during a time when horse carriages and kerosene lighted lanterns ornamented villages. 
An unlikely companionship began to blossom after Deklan and Logan unexpectedly encountered one another in surprising places. 
Everything was casual until a magical man who mysteriously appeared and then vanished turned their quiet world of serenity into a dash to keep the love they had found in each other alive. 
Love was discovered, lost and then found again in this spiraling and uplifting fairy tale between two charming souls that were meant to be together. 
With family principles influencing a common existence, will Deklan risk his family ties and wealth for a chance at love with the other half to his soul?

Logan felt his hands being squeezed by Deklan. “It is you?” Deklan spoke softly. “My striking prince I thought I’d lost. I’ve missed you, Logan.” Logan looked up at Deklan with a boyish smile that let Deklan know he was the one. Without losing Logan’s gaze or his grasp, Deklan stood, knocking the chair he was sitting on backward to the floor. It landed with a bang and a chicken balked and flapped away. Deklan stood majestically in front of Logan and asked, “Can I kiss you?” Logan moved in close and their lips lightly touched. Deklan’s kiss was warm and his touch felt strong. Logan was in a place exactly where he wanted to be. The very place he was meant to be. Deklan pulled Logan closer and the space between them was squeezed away. The hair on Deklan’s chest comforted Logan when pressed up against him “I’ve missed you so much, Logan.” Deklan quietly whispered in Logan’s ear and his warm breath made him crumble. The back window was open, the moon was full and a cooling breeze coming in from the river out back softly circled them like a palm frond generates wind. They went on kissing and Deklan drew Logan even closer with clasped hands against his jaw. Deklan’s tongue turned to fire and this time there was nothing hesitant about his enthusiastic quest to take what was his. There was no holding back. Logan gave in as Deklan pulled him closer. Both quickly went firm.......

A not so modern take on Cinderella. 

It's 1886 and Logan works for the Royals. He tends the animals and stays away from everyone. When he does come in contact with the other workers they treat him like an animal. Logan is mulatto. His mother was white and his father was black. Logan is caramel colored and he's not interested in women. 

Deklan's parents think it's time he married. But Deklan is not going along with that. Deklan is gay and refuses to try and change for his father. But his parents throw him a birthday party and invite all the unattached girls in the area. 

Logan and Deklan have been running into each other in the fields and by the river. Logan knows exactly who Deklan is.....he's the prince. Logan is drawn to Deklan but sees no way for them to be together. The night of Deklan's party Logan is visited by a fairy godfather. He gives him a gorgeous suit to attend the party and tells him that he will find his soulmate. 

Will the magic draw the two together? When midnight comes and Logan has to leave how will Deklan find him? Can they overcome Deklan's parents objections?

This was a good read. Both characters are heartwarming and drew me in. I always like to see the classic fairy tales told in a different way! 

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