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Friday, April 11, 2014

Alpha Male Madness Blog Hop!! Giveaways

Alpha Male Madness Hop

Alpha Males. You know you love em. And so do we! We're celebrating them and all their delicious alpha male glory for an entire week with giveaways at every single blog. Stop by and check out which males are making us pant with all that sexy swagger they have going on.

There is a tour wide giveaway and I am giving away an e-set of Watch Me Walk Away and Walk Into Me. See below to enter!

What makes an alpha male?

Is it the way he treats his woman?

Is it the way he treats his family?

Is it the way he acts when he's out?

Is it the drive to excel at work?

I think it's all of the above. The fact that he is possessive with his woman and family. 
He will lay down his life for them. He makes sure he knows what makes his 
woman happy in bed and out. He's driven in his chosen profession, 
how else is he going to take care of his family?
Alpha males are also a little broken. 
That helps temper their cockiness. 

My own alpha males

Bobby Harber

Ex-Special Forces
Loves his girlfriend with all his heart
Would lay down his life for this brothers-in-arms
Wonders if he is good enough for Lisa

Excerpt from Watch Me Walk Away

I wake to the smell of coffee and bacon. I stretch and smile, realizing I’m alone. I am a little sore after last night but my body getting used to Bobby’s size is so worth the discomfort. I get up and go to the bathroom, oh a Jacuzzi tub big enough for two we will definitely have to try that out later. I wash my face and use my finger to brush my teeth my bag is still in the guest room.
I go to Bobby’s closet to find something to slip into. Hmm let’s see, a black button down shirt will do nicely. I roll up the sleeves and do the last three buttons. I love dressing in men’s clothes in the morning. I run my fingers through my hair and walk towards the kitchen. I hear Bobby humming along to The Killers’ ‘Here With Me’. His back is to me and I can see more scars where the bullets came out. I am so lucky he made it back.
My man is hot! The song changes to The Lumineers’ ‘Ho Hey’ and he moves his hips in time to the music. I lean against the door frame and just watch until I can’t resist touching him anymore. I start walking towards him just as he turns to reach for something and spots me. “I was going to bring you breakfast in bed,” he says smiling at me. He reaches for me and kisses me. He tastes like coffee and toothpaste. He wraps his arms around me and pulls me close as I reach up to caress the stubble on his face. He looks so hot when he doesn’t shave.
When he ends the kiss I just want to pull him back. “I see you raided my closet, damn girl you look hot in my clothes.”
I run my hands over his chest. “And you look hot out of them.” I look at his body and trace his abs down to the open button of his jeans. His breath catches as my fingers start exploring right above his zipper, “I am hungry, but not for breakfast.” I undo his zipper, he’s not wearing underwear, and start to push his jeans down. My mouth is licking its way down his chest over his abs as his cock springs from his jeans. I take him in my hand. “This is what I’m hungry for.” I look up as my knees hit the floor. “You don’t mind do you?”
He shakes his head as he stares down at me. “You don’t have to do this.” But his eyes give him away I know he wants me to.
“I want to.” I lick the head and he groans. My hand is pumping on the base of his shaft and my tongue follows the vein underneath. I take him in my mouth, he is so big I know my jaw will be hurting after this but I don’t care. I swirl my tongue around his tip then take him in as far as I can he tastes good and he jerks as I hum my approval. I get into a rhythm between my hand and mouth, my hand twists on the base with each stroke. My other hand cups his balls then strokes the vein right behind them. I am rewarded with a squirt of pre-cum which I lick up.
His hand finds my hair and he just strokes me. He’s not forcing me to take any more than I can handle. His breathing is coming faster now, “You need to stop, baby girl. I don’t want to come in your mouth.” He pulls my hair now to get me to release him which I do with a pop. He drags me up and kisses me hard, his tongue is not playing this time, he is ravaging my mouth and it is awesome no one kisses like him. His hand runs up my thigh to my bare ass and he pulls his mouth back. “Shit girl I don’t think I can wait.”
“I don’t want you to wait. I want you inside me now.” I pull his mouth back to me. His hand cups my ass to lift me and I wrap my legs around him. I can feel him between my legs and I pump my hips for the friction I need. Carrying me into the living room, he sets me on the back of the couch. Both hands grab the shirt and he pulls it over my head throwing it behind me. He pushes me back so I am almost upside down and his mouth finds my nipple as he enters me. Oh my God it feels so good! I grab his hair with one hand and put the other down on the couch for leverage. In this position he hits that sweet spot inside of me with every stroke and the way he is bent over me his abs stroke against my clit. He’s not being gentle now, he is pumping hard and fast and I am right there with him. I can feel the orgasm coming and I scream out his name as I explode. He comes right after me and I feel the spasms inside me which makes my orgasm go on and on. My arm gives out and I fall further back until my head is on the cushion. He groans and starts to stand up pulling me with him I grab his shoulders to steady myself. When I am once again sitting on the back of the couch and my legs release him to dangle down he leans in for a kiss. We are both still breathing hard so our breath mingles as much as our tongues.
When our breath finally slows he pulls away. “That was a much better breakfast then what I had planned.”
I laugh. “Oh you still have to feed me but I don’t care if the food is cold. That was so worth it.”
“The food won’t be cold, I have a microwave.” He laughs and starts towards the kitchen. Damn his ass is hot! “Where do you want to eat?” he calls back.
It takes me a moment to snap out of my appreciative glare. “Huh?” I have no idea what he just said.
“If you keep admiring my ass we will die of starvation. Where do you want to eat?” He turns around.
Wow! I am really trying to concentrate on his words but Adonis himself would be jealous of his body. The words finally register in my over stimulated brain, “In here is fine.” I really hope he plans to at least put his pants back on or I have no shot of being able to walk for the rest of the week! 

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Brad Hammer

Loves his best friend since sixth grade
Will wait for her forever
Owns fleet of pleasure fishing boats
Was abused as a child

Excerpt from Walk Into Me

I’m trying really hard to hold it together. There are so many emotions running through me that I can’t settle on one.  Happy, confused, scared, confused, horny, confused. Okay, confusion is winning.  WTF just happened? Did she really just tell me she wants to try and be more than friends? Holy shit! I don’t know what to do!

When she kissed me I was totally blown away. I’ve wanted to do that for so long and it felt so perfect. But she doesn’t want only me. She wants him, too. Can I live with that? I told her I could, but can I really? Now that she’s kissed me all I want is more.

We’re sitting watching the game and she is in my lap with her head leaning back on my shoulder and my arms are around her. She lightly runs her hand up and down my arm. Thank god I’m used to hiding my reactions to her. I have to concentrate on holding back the shudder that wants to run through me. Not that I care if she knows how I feel, but Jodi and John are already watching us and I don’t want to have to explain it to them yet. I know Jodi will corner Lisa later, but right now I just want to hold her, to feel like she’s mine for just a little while.  But she is mine now, right? Isn’t that what she decided, that she needs me? But not just mine, she’s his, too.

I’m worried about Bobby’s reaction tomorrow. Hell, I’m worried he’s going to call and know something’s up. I know he would never hurt her; he loves her. But will Bobby be able to handle the fact that Lisa wants me? Will he still want to be in her life? If he walks away from her it would kill her. I know she loves him and, with their past history, Bobby walking away from her is a real possibility.

Bobby walking away would be the best thing for me, right? Or would Lisa pull back if he walked? She already has a relationship with him and she is risking it with starting one with me. If push comes to shove will she choose to let him go?

I’m jolted out of my thoughts when Lisa and John both yell. The Giants just sacked Drew Brees and recovered a fumble on the eighteen yard line. Lisa turns her head to me with a huge smile, she loves her Giants.

She puts her hand up to my face. “You’re not paying attention at all are you?” She asks, her smile drops and concern flows out of her eyes. “No thinking right now, okay? Just enjoy the game and being here with me.”

I don’t think that’s possible but for her I will try. “Okay,” I tell her squeezing her closer.

She puts her mouth on my chin and lightly draws her teeth against my stubble. Oh shit! I am suddenly rock hard beneath her. Damn! Now I know I won’t be able to concentrate on the game. She gives an evil chuckle, knowing what she just did to me. How can she not? The evidence is pressing into her cute little ass. There’s fire in her eyes and a blush on her cheeks and all I want to do is grind into her. I can’t control the little moan that leaves my mouth and I see both John and Jodi whip their heads around to look at us. My own cheeks are getting red. Really, am I still in high school? I feel like I was just caught by my parents and the urge to push her out of my lap to hide what we’re doing is fierce.

John raises his eyebrow at me, but Jodi’s reaction is strange. She smiles. Like she’s giving me her blessing in a smile. Now I’m more confused. Does Jodi want something to happen between Lisa and me? Why? I think I am going to have to have a talk with her. She knows almost as much about Lisa as I do. Maybe she sees something I don’t.

Lisa buries her head in my neck and I can both hear and feel her inhale me. I have to close my eyes and fight making any more sounds. If she keeps this up, I am going to carry her back to her room and bury myself in her. She doesn’t realize that I am hanging on to my control by the skin of my teeth. I move my hand into her hair with the intention of pulling her back, but once I touch her all I can do is press her face closer into me. My other hand moves to her hip and I have to force myself not to turn her around so she’s straddling me again.

“Woo hoo!” John yells. The Giants have just scored. Lisa and I have both missed it this time. I turn to see Victor Cruz doing his salsa in the end zone. Lisa jumps up to do one right in front of me.  I didn’t think my cock could get harder, but I was just proven wrong. Watching her ass move provocatively in front of me causes my whole body to shudder. She looks back down at me and smiles. All I can do is lick my lips and move slightly on the couch, trying to relieve some of the pressure in my pants. Her gaze travels down my body and flashes desire when she sees my predicament. Her eyes dart back to mine and now her smile isn’t for the Giants, it’s for me.

Oh, we’re in trouble; it’s only the second quarter. How are we going to last the rest of the game without touching each other? I see the desire flash in her eyes. Is it half-time yet? Actually, she needs to come and sit down again. I don’t want Jodi or John seeing the reason I can’t sit still on this couch. Grabbing her hand I pull her back down to me. This time she settles her ass between me and the armrest with her legs over mine. This is good, if her ass isn’t right on top of me maybe I’ll be able to calm the fuck down. No, not so good.  My hand is lying right under her ass and the urge to touch her is just too great. Inches is all my hand has to move to palm her ass and I can’t resist. As soon as my hand makes contact she wiggles a little and my pinky and ring fingers are suddenly touching her heat. I feel the dampness under them and I have to stroke her. Moving them back and forth I watch her mouth, her lips open and her tongue licks her bottom lip followed by her teeth. Her breath catches and her eyes are hooded now, barely slits. She braces her hands on me, one on my knee and one on my abs just above my belt. My cock jerks with her hand being so close. All I want is to feel her touch me. My cock is seeping pre-cum, now both of us have damp underwear.

I glance at the TV, under two minutes to go before halftime. That means at least five minutes, more like ten with time outs. I need to calm us both down. I move my hand from her ass, trailing it up her back and start to just stroke her. Messaging the tension between her shoulder blades I feel her relax against me, her head against my neck. God, I love this girl and want to hold her forever, but can that really happen?

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  1. Their protective streak

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  3. I love their dominating attitude, their confidence in getting what they want, and their need to protect what is theirs.
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  4. I like when an alpha male is strong, tough and yet weak at heart when love or his girl is concerned.


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