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Sunday, July 28, 2013

NY Author Signing Event

So what did you do with your Saturday afternoon??

I went to my very first author signing!!

I live in NJ and am only half an hour out of midtown Manhattan. So when I heard that there was going to be an author signing so close to home I just had to go!!!  

 Do you see the list of authors from the picture above??  Who could resist!

I got there a little early, no traffic which is amazing for this area, and there was a street fair going on right in front of the hotel.  So I spent half an hour walking around and had a great idea while at a hat vendor. This is the before:

Yes I'm a Yankee's Fan - but also it is a NY signing event so what better way to remember it!!

The ladies running the event were great and everything went very smoothly.

My first stop was Michelle Valentine.  I am a Vixen after all!  Since I was in the last group of people I knew I ran the risk of the authors not having much left and I had luckily brought a book for Michelle to sign.  I also got a golden ticket from Riff - oh that man is HOT!! If you haven't read Rock My Bed and Rock My World you need to see what all the fuss is about!!

So after I got done drooling over my golden ticket I saw that Jessica Sorenson was all alone at her table and her table was bare.  I had really wanted to pick up one of her books but she was all out. BooHoo!  Well I still needed to get her to sign the hat so I went over and we talked for a few minutes. She only had a couple of books left and decided to do a drawing for them.  She fanned out a few bookmarks and had me choose one.  Guess what?  I won a copy of The Secret of Ella and Micha!!  I love that book!!! I was so excited!!

Right next door to Jessica was EL Montes.  Emmy and I have talked a few times on Facebook and she took one look at my name tag and knew me instantly!  I had brought a copy of Disastrous with me for her to sign and she was gracious as always!!  She loved the hat idea!!! Then I took a picture with both her and Jessica!

Next it was on to Gail McHugh!  Wow she was great!  Jodi Murphy had sent me a couple books for her to sign and Gail actually had me call her to find out if she had read Pulse before she signed it!!  She also signed a Pulse for me!

Christine Zolendz was next.  Both Jodi and I had a book for her to sign!  

Then it was off to Jasinda Wilder.  She is a spitfire!!  I told her I was thinking of putting the hat up as a giveaway and she said "No you can't do that!!!  Here let me give you a book to put up instead!  You have to keep the hat!"  What a great thing to do!!

 The best part of the day was the great Emily Snow.  She knew me right away and we talked about Watch Me Walk Away.  And she one-clicked it right there in front of me!!!  Wow!!  Did you know she was my 1000th like on my Facebook page!!  

I'm not going to bore you with my visit with all the authors.  Let's just say I had a GREAT time!!!!

I ended the day at the same table I started at!  That is Michelle and I holding the hat with all the signatures!

And here is a close up of the hat afterwards!  Don't you just love it!!

It was a perfect fan-girl day!!! If you get the chance to go to an author signing I totally recommend it!!!!  

Look for the signed Jasinda Wilder book in the next giveaway! Along with some other swag from the event!!!  Oh you have to help me get to 4000 Facebook fans for that!! So share my Page and talk up Watch Me Walk Away!

For 3500 likes (less than 100 away)  I will be doing an excerpt of Walk Into Me - the second book of the Walking Series!!

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  1. That looked like so much fun! next time I hear about one in California, I'm on my way. I LOVE the hat!