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All Three books' prologues are different POV's of the same party!  Here are all three in order:

Watch Me Walk Away  *Lisa's POV

Jodi and I stroll into the party. “Now remember you’re the DD for the night so no more than two beers for you!” She reminds me.
“No problem! I know you and John will be partying it up. Just do me a favor and don’t get too drunk. I don’t want to be cleaning puke out of my car,” I say as I hip bump her. The vehicle was still new to me—I’d only had it for four weeks since I turned eighteen.
“You know . . . you could try and hook up with someone,” she says slyly. “It’s been two months since you and Steve broke up. You look great!” She smiled at me then gave me a playful shove. “Take a chance. You know that Brad has been waiting for you to be ready. He really likes you.”
I pull my hand through my long dark hair. “I know,” I say as I bow my head. “But I don’t feel anything for him except friendship. I‘ve known him since the sixth grade. He’s like my brother.”
“Well you should at least have fun with him tonight, it’s New Year’s Eve!” she says.
Jodi walks away from me and straight towards her boyfriend, John. He’s attending Stony Brook University but still lives at home, more to be close to Jodi than the money issue of staying on campus. They’re really cute together—Jodi the blonde bombshell and John the Italian stallion.
I look around and notice everyone is here. There are a bunch of people I haven’t seen in a while, all back from different colleges, partying at Joe’s house. He graduated last year and he goes to NYU. Joe hasn’t come out of the closet yet, but we all think he finally has a boyfriend in the city. I wonder when he’ll get up the nerve and bring him home to meet everyone.
Walking over to the keg to get a drink, I pause and say hello to everyone on my way. It’s New Year’s and Jodi is right—I haven’t really felt like having fun and socializing since Steve and I broke up. It wasn’t in love with him. Really, I was just with him because it was comfortable and I was lonely. We spent almost a year together and he wanted to take it to the next level, but I didn’t have those feelings for him. I believed I should be in love with the person I give my virginity
to. Of course, the one guy I want to do that with is in the Army stationed God knows where and hasn’t written or called me since he left for basic training.
Putting a smile on my face, I grab a cup of beer. I need to make this last since I am the DD. Joe has cleared out the family room and cranked up the stereo.
Joining the dancers and start getting into it, I feel his eyes on me. Turning around, I almost drop my drink.
He’s here! I can’t catch my breath. His hair is so short—high and tight, they call it. Oh, I miss running my hands through his hair. His eyes are still on me. Those blue eyes I always dream about. Joe goes up to him and tries to talk to him, but he just keeps staring at me. I can’t breathe or move.
The effect he has on me is as instantaneous now as it was the first time I saw him. He is the only person on earth that causes my body to react like this, to feel this pull. From the moment we bumped into each other two years ago I haven’t been able to deny that he is my soul mate. The one I am meant to be with, but he left me. He broke me. And I can’t go through that again.
Someone bumps into me from behind and I take a step forward. The movement seems to release him from his trance. He turns to Joe and shakes his hand. “Glad I could make it, man,” he says. “I’m only back for two more days, but I figured you would be throwing the party tonight. Nothing changes in Bohemia.”
He looks back at me again. I turn around and try to find Jodi. She’ll keep me from making a fool of myself by running into his arms. I cannot let myself near him. He’s going back .…he’s leaving again. He hasn’t contacted me in a year and a half. I don’t love him anymore, right?
Soon, I’m glancing around, but Jodi is nowhere to be seen. Debbie is dancing on the other side of the room and I start to make my way over to her. She’ll help me. Her boyfriend is in the army, too. He, of course, calls, writes, and visits. Her boyfriend is also his best friend so I do sort of know what goes on with him. I’m surprised. If HE is here, then shouldn’t Jimmy be here, too?
I go over to Deb and tap her on the shoulder. “Bobby is here!” I announce when she turns toward me.
“What?” She questions. “Jimmy said he wasn’t coming home, they were going to Texas together.”
“Well, look behind me. He’s here. You have to stay close to me,” I grab her arm. “I really don’t want to talk to him.”
“I don’t think you’re going to have a choice because he’s headed this way.”
Turning around, I look up at him. God, even with short hair, he’s still beautiful. His chest has filled out even more. I didn’t think his body could get better than it was. I miss being held in his arms.
He steps close to me and puts his hands on my arms. “Hey, beautiful,” he says. He starts to pull me in for a hug, but I push against his chest.
“Really Bobby, you show up here and expect me to just fall into your arms? Sixteen months and not a word. Not a single letter, email, or a damn phone call!”
I try to pull away, but he doesn’t let go. “I missed you, baby. I just couldn’t be where I was and think about you too.” He pulls me closer and puts his cheek to my forehead. “Please, baby, just let me hold you. I couldn’t stay away from you anymore. I only have two days before I have to leave again and I want to spend them with you. Let me hold you and just talk to you. I miss your voice and the feel of you in my arms.”
Ok so what do I say to that? If I tell myself the truth, I know I have missed him the same way. I wrap my arms around his waist and hug him. I lay my head on his chest and inhale. Oh God how I have missed his scent. All of his shirts I kept don’t smell like him anymore. Tears well in my eyes and I hold him closer. “I missed you too.”
Bobby pulls away so he can see my face, gently places his hand on my cheek and runs his thumb under my eye. “Don’t cry, baby. I can’t stand it when you cry.” He pulls me forward and his head lowers to mine. His lips barely touch me. I know he is waiting for me to respond. I wrap my fingers lightly around his head and part my lips, gasping as his tongue plunges into the depths of my mouth. I can’t think of anything else in this moment, other than this kiss.
The whole room fades away. I wouldn’t be able to tell you where I was if you paid me. His hand moves to my hair and as he gives it a slight pull, he tilts my head back to get better access to my mouth. His tongue licks my mouth, my lips. He pulls my lower lip in between his and sucks, causing a moan to escape from me. Trying to get as close as possible, I run my hands over his chest. I’ve missed him so much. His right hand moves down my back to my ass. Showing me how much he missed me, he grabs me and pulls me into his erection and rubs against me.
He tears his lips from mine and moves to my ear, “I need to be alone with you, baby,” he whispers. “Let’s get out of here. My house is so close and there’s no one home.”
He pulls away from me and takes my hand. He looks down at me and lifts his eyebrow, “Will you come with me?”
I nod my head. “I have to tell Jodi though. I’m her ride.”
He looks around and his gaze falls on Debbie. “Hey Debbie, Lisa and I are going to my house to talk. Can you tell Jodi when you see her?”
Debbie looks at me, “Lisa, you’re okay with this?”
I glance back up at Bobby, “Yeah Deb, I won’t be too long.” I look at the clock on the wall. It is 10:35—an hour should be enough time for us to talk and get back.
“We’ll be at his house. If we’re not back by midnight, send one of the guys down to get us.”
She nods at me and says, “Okay, I hope you know what you’re doing.”
Bobby turns away and pulls me with him. I have a smile on my face that I can’t control. I haven’t felt like this since he left. We walk out the door into the cold night air. I didn’t grab my coat so the temperature makes me gasp. Bobby puts his arm around me and gathers me close. We’re only going four houses away and he’s practically running.
We get to his door and when he slams it open, it starts to close on us as he pulls me through. He closes the door, pushes me up against it and says, “Oh God, baby, I’ve missed you so much,” he says as he brings his mouth to mine again.
His hands are on either side of my face and his whole body is pushing into me. “You are more beautiful than I remember. I just want to be inside of you.”
He picks me up and moves us to the couch. He lays me down and then he’s on top of me, pressing me into the cushions. I forgot what it feels like to have him this close. His hands move down and pull up my top. He lifts my bra exposing my breasts and his palms glide over my nipples. His mouth is on my neck, sucking and licking causing me to moan and arch my back into his hands. His runs his thumbs over my nipples making them peak even more.
“I missed the taste of you, baby, no one tastes like you. You’re perfect.” He pulls my shirt over my head and undoes my bra clasp. He kisses his way over my collarbone and towards my breasts. My breath is coming fast now and I’m wet between my legs. The last time I was this turned on was over a year ago when I was with him. As his lips find my nipple, his hand moves down my leg. He pushes up the short skirt I’m wearing. His hand runs the length of my inner thigh to the place that is throbbing for his touch.
“God, you are so wet for me, baby. I’m going to make you come so hard,” he presses against my wet mound through my panties. “I need to taste you, baby. I missed having my tongue inside you. “
My skirt is pulled off of me, my panties right behind. He looks down at me and says, “I almost forgot how beautiful you are.”
His head lowers and he inhales. He parts me with his fingers and licks upward with one long stroke. I nearly fall off the couch. He pulls my leg over his shoulder and starts to lick me fast. He nibbles at my clit and then sucks it into his mouth. I moan out his name as he inserts one finger inside of me, then another.
“God you are still so tight, baby. I still wish I was your first.”
“You will be Bobby. Steve and I never got this far,” I tell him.
He stops and looks at me. “What do you mean? You guys were together for almost a year.” He looks pissed.
“He wasn’t you. It has always been you, Bobby.”
He sits up. “I can’t be your first, Lisa. I am leaving in two days. I won’t do that to you.”
“But you are the only one I want,” I cry. “Please, I want you so much.”
He looks at me and shakes his head, “Get dressed, Lisa, we’re going back to the party.”
“Fuck you! You think you can come back here and I wouldn’t be a virgin anymore so it would be okay to fuck me and leave me? That’s why you came back isn’t it? You’re an asshole!”
I grab my clothes and get dressed. I storm to the door. He gets up to follow me when I turn on him. “Just where do you think you’re going? You need to stay here. You’ve already fucked up my night. The least you could do is let me try to salvage my New Year’s.”
“I just want to make sure you get back okay,” he says.
“It’s four houses, Bobby. I’ll be fine, but you’ll always be an asshole.” I turn and walk away.
That was the last time I saw him, until today.



Walk Into Me * Brad's POV

She left with him. I watched them walk out of the party into the cold night air with his arm around her. What is she thinking? He is only back for a few days and she’ll be alone again and she’ll be crying on my shoulder that he doesn’t call or write. I know she loves him and I can see the pull they have on each other, but really, why does she do this to herself?

I make my way over to the keg and get another beer. I might as well get drunk so I don’t have to think about him touching her. Joe is there and he pats my shoulder, “How you doing?”

“I was having a great time until a few minutes ago,” I say, pouring my beer. “Hey, let’s get a game of quarters going,” I suggest. Joe’s kitchen table is just right and it wouldn’t take much to clear it off. Joe’s not much of a drinker, but he starts rounding up some of the guys to play.

Richie, Doug, and Rob come over as I’m moving bags of snacks to the counter. Rob starts flipping a quarter while Richie looks in the cabinet for a glass. “Good idea Brad, we need to get this party rockin’,” he says sliding the glass into the middle of the table. By that time George and Chris have joined us and a few of the girls are standing by to watch. We each take a few practice shots to get used to the table and then we start. Within 15 minutes I have downed 3 beers and started to get a buzz. I should feel fine by the time midnight comes around.

Suddenly she’s there, standing across the room, with tears running down her beautiful face. What the hell did he do to her this time? I stand up and tell the guys I’m out. I walk over and hold out my hand like she’s a wounded animal I have to get to trust me. She looks at me and falls into my arms.

“He doesn’t want me,” she cries.

I kiss her head and lead her out the sliding glass door. “How can he not want you? I’m sure you’re wrong.” I stroke her back and god she smells great.

“We were making out...and other things, but when he found out I was still a virgin, he stopped and told me to get dressed. That he didn’t want to be the one to take my virginity.” Her words come out all sniffly and I can feel my shirt getting wet from her tears. “I should have just done it with Steve and then I would be in his arms right now. I mean what does it matter if he is the first or someone else is? I don’t want to be a virgin anymore.”

I know the feeling but the only person I want to be with is currently crying in my arms about another guy. I’ve loved her since the sixth grade, when she sat next to me on the bus the first time. I can’t imagine my life without her.

“Will you do it?” She looks up at me. “Will you sleep with me Brad?”

My heart stops, she did not just ask me that. Just the thought of touching her like that has me hard. “You don’t mean that Lisa, you’re just upset,” I say as I brush the hair away from her eyes.

“No, I’m totally serious. I don’t want to be a virgin anymore and other than Bobby I can’t think of anyone I would rather do it with.” She puts her hand behind my head and pulls me down for a kiss. She is tentative and sweet and I can taste her tears on her lips. I have waited so long to kiss her. I lick the seam and her mouth opens to me. I moan because my whole body is on fire and I am not going to be able to stop. My hand fists in her hair and I pull it back to angle her head and my tongue explores every crevice of her mouth. I have wanted this for so long and now here she is letting me kiss her. I press her body against mine so she can feel how she affects me. Her hands start stroking my back and my shirt starts to pull up, my cock jerks when her fingers touch my skin and I suck the air out of her mouth. I know we have to move, we can’t do this here.

I break the kiss and stroke her cheek, her eyes are half closed and I hope she’s not thinking of him, but even if she is I am taking my one chance, “Let’s get out of here, my parents aren’t home,” I lean down and give her a quick kiss.

“I’m driving Jodi home; I can’t leave her,” she starts to pull away and I can see she’s thinking about what we’re doing. This is not going to end the way I want it to unless I get her out of here now.

“Hold on,” I tell her and take out my phone. “Hey John, Lisa is upset and I’m taking her home. We will leave her keys with Joe, can you drive Jodi home?” I listen as he relays what I’ve said to Jodi and hear her ask where we are. “Let Jodi know she just needs to be somewhere else right now.” I pull her against me and stroke her hair. God, I love this girl and I hope to show her how much tonight. I am going to worship her body with mine. John agrees to get both Jodi and Lisa’s car home and I hang up. “Let’s give your keys to Joe and get out of here,” I take her hand and lead her in. I can tell she’s a little hesitant, but she’s still coming with me. Lisa hands Joe her keys without saying a word and walks towards the front door.

“Is she okay?” He whispers to me.

“Bobby did a job on her again,” I pat his shoulder. “I’ll make sure she’s okay. What are friends for right?”

He knows I want to be more than just her friend. Hell, everyone knows, even Lisa, but it’s never been possible before. Now maybe he fucked up enough for her to give me a shot. I gotta believe this will be more than just one night.

I follow her out to my car and she is waiting for me. “Are you sure?” I ask even as I wonder why I feel the need to give her an out?

“I’m sure Brad. I want it to be you.” She leans up on her toes and kisses me. If I don’t stop this I will never get her home. I open the door for her and she slides in. It only takes us fifteen minutes to get to my house, and we have the place to ourselves.

Taking her hand, I lead her up the stairs to my room. I’m so glad my mother makes me keep it clean; I know there are no dirty clothes lying around. I close my door behind us and just look at her. I have fantasized about having her here for years. Not that she hasn’t been here before, but never for more than doing homework.

She walks up to me and starts to unbutton my shirt, she doesn’t say anything as her fingers work from one button to another. I reach down and put my finger under her chin, she finally looks at me. “Lisa, we don’t have to do this.”

She runs her hand up my now bare chest to my neck and pulls me down towards her mouth, “I want this,” she says breathlessly into my mouth as our lips meet. My hands find her hips and pull her against me. I let my tongue explore her mouth, god she tastes sweet! My cock is jerking in my pants and her hand stroking my chest is driving me crazy. I move my hands under her short skirt and grab her ass. I’ve been obsessed with that ass, I love to watch her walk away from me.

I lift her up, she puts her legs around me, and I let my fingers explore her slit. Her panties are damp and I hope to god that is from me and not him. I can’t think anymore. All I feel is her and I want to be inside her. I walk us over to my bed and place her on it. I stand up and take off my pants leaving my underwear on and she takes off her shirt and skirt. “God, you’re beautiful Lisa,” I say, laying down beside her.

I tentatively reach out for her breast and gently touch her nipple through the lace. I hear as she sighs, “I need you to touch me Brad.”

Losing all control, I pull the bra down and take her nipple into my mouth. I suck her and lick that tight little nub. My cock is straining against her leg and I rub myself against her. She reaches behind her, undoes the clasp, and her bra falls away. I grab onto the other breast and kneed it roughly.

Arching her back, she moans, “More Brad, I need more.”

I move my hand lower and slip it under the silk into the wetness. Lisa lifts her hips to meet my hand and I slip a finger into her, I stroke her a few times before adding another. She is so tight and I worry about hurting her. She pushes her underwear down, lifting her hips and pushing my fingers further inside, she says, “That feels good Brad, please.”

“Please what?” I look up at her face.

“Now. I want you inside me now,” she says seriously as she looks at me. “Please.”

I pull off my boxers and reach into the drawer next to the bed to get a condom. Thank god for health class. I roll the condom on and position myself between her legs and push inside. It feels so good, she’s tight and I have to stop for a moment or I’m going to lose it before I’m totally inside her. I pull out almost all the way and push back in harder and feel her barrier give way. She inhales sharply and I know I’ve hurt her. “Are you okay?” I ask.

She looks up at me with tears in her eyes, “I’m fine just give me a moment.”

I don’t know if I can, the urge to move is too great. I start to pull out and she shuts her eyes. I have to move and I start stroking slowly. She keeps her eyes closed I don’t know if I’m hurting her, but I can’t stop. I move faster and within a minute find my release. I lean down to kiss her and she lets me.

That was the best night of my life. The worst...was when I watched Bobby carry her away.

Walk Home To Me * Bobby's POV

I can’t believe I have to go back in two days. There wasn’t enough time. Two weeks is just too short of a leave – I’ve only seen her three times. Once leaving school when I hid in the back of the parking lot. Once she and her mother were packing up to go to Pennsylvania for Christmas; and yesterday she was sitting out on her dock. I was across the river hiding behind a boat just to gaze at her. I feel like such a stalker but my heart aches for her. I haven’t felt whole since I left for basic training.
Now in just two short days I have to report to my Special Forces team. The casualty rate is fifty-nine percent so my odds of making it out in one piece aren’t in my favor. We’re going to the wilds of Afghanistan into the heart of Taliban territory. Along with normal patrols, my team could be called at any time to take out confirmed cells.
Looking into the mirror I finish brushing my teeth. I look much different than when I left eighteen months ago. Gone is the shaggy hair Lisa loved to jerk on while we kissed, now it’s barely more than stubble on my head. I grew two inches and put on thirty pounds of muscle. That’s what happens when you carry seventy-five pounds of gear for ten hours a day. I wonder what she will think when she sees me.
I can’t say I am sorry for leaving this town, that would be a lie. The Army has given my life purpose. Before enlisting the best I could have hoped for was being a plumber or electrician’s assistant until I could get a license. Now when I finally get out of the Army I can get a private security job. Hell, I could even qualify for Secret Service. I might even become a cop. A cop’s salary isn’t even close to what Lisa’s father makes but it’s nothing to sneeze at and it’s an honorable career. Much better than the minimum paying factory job that her father said I would end up in.
I shake my head. There is no use thinking about a future that is over two years away. I have thirty-two months left before I can plan a future, that’s if I make it back alive. But tonight I have to see her one more time. I am hoping she will talk to me; she was pretty mad when I left. I had to break up with her; it wasn’t fair to ask Lisa to wait. At sixteen you shouldn’t be tied down to an absent boyfriend.
I hear the music as I walk out my door. Joe’s house is just four away from mine and all the neighbors know by now that this party happens each year. As long as the kids stay inside or in his backyard, no one will call the cops to break it up. My heart rate climbs as I get closer to the door. The front door is open and I can see the crowd through the storm door. Patty and April are just inside so I know I won’t be getting in unnoticed.  Taking a deep breath I open the door, “Holy shit!” Patty screeches, “Bobby Harber, where the hell did you come from?” She closes her arms around me. Patty lives across the street from me and we’ve been friends all my life. She is one of the only ones that know how hard I had it growing up. “I’ve missed you,” she whispers in my ear as she hugs me close.
“I missed you too, Red,” I tell her using my childhood name for her. “I’m sorry I don’t write more.” She is the only one I write to now. Well the only one that gets sent the letters I write, I have hundreds written to Lisa stashed away and never posted.
Patty’s arm gets ripped away from me, “Don’t be hogging him all to yourself, you bitch,” April says stepping into my arms. “Damn Bobby, you look good enough to eat,” she laughs while leaning back looking me up and down. April’s always been a flirt but she wouldn’t leave Greg for anything. “She’s in the kitchen, last I saw her,” April winks at me, “Go get your girl.”
The best and worst part of our group is there are no secrets. My being here for just the party is an illusion that won’t last long to the friends who know me. I turn towards the kitchen, “I’ll see you both later,” but I don’t really mean it.
“Just as long as you’re here tomorrow for clean-up crew,” Patty yells after me. New Year’s Day always starts with cleaning Joe’s house before we sit, eating and drinking leftovers while watching the games on TV. It will feel good to do something so normal so I turn and give her a thumbs up.  I receive greetings from everyone on my way back to the kitchen, they all comment on how I’ve gotten bigger and how happy they are I’m back in one piece. I scan the kitchen when I enter, there are a bunch of guys sitting at the table probably going to start a game of quarters, I wave at them but I’m not here for drinking games. I’m surprised to see Brad here, he never really hung around our group but if I know him he’s still sniffing around Lisa.  He always rubbed me the wrong way, I know he wants her but she only feels friendship towards him. Lisa’s not in here so I grab a beer and make my way into the family room where Joe sets up the dance floor.
Joe is standing to the right of the doorway and I bump my shoulder into him as I search the room for Lisa. I find her just as Joe shakes my hand, “I wasn’t expecting to see you,” he says patting my back.
“Where else would I be tonight?” I joke back, my eyes never leaving Lisa. She spots me and stops, her caramel eyes widen and I read so many emotions there; surprise, hurt, want, love – that surprises me, I thought she would hate me by now. I know Joe is saying something to me but I’m totally ensnared by Lisa; she’s changed too. Her hair cascades around her with curls and I want to bury my hands and face in it. She’s wearing a cute jeans skirt that shows off her long legs which I want wrapped around me, how many times have I dreamed about the silky feel of them? Her blouse is almost see through and the silhouette of her bra teases my eyes, making me ache to taste her nipples again. I’m getting hard and I haven’t even gotten close to her yet.
Her eyes break contact with me when someone bumps into her and she turns away threading through the group dancing to Gimme More by Britney Spears. I start to chase after her but Joe restrains me with a hand, “She’s had a hard time moving on, Bobby. Be gentle with her.” I nod acknowledging the statement but it doesn’t stop me, I physically need to hold her. I follow her and see she’s talking to Debbie; I’ll be hearing from Jimmy about this, I promised him I wouldn’t get anywhere near Lisa but I can’t help myself.  I step closer to her and turn her around running my hands down her arms, “Hey beautiful,” I say as I try to draw her into my arms.
 She pushes against my chest, “Really Bobby, you just show up here and expect me to just fall into your arms? Sixteen months and not a word. Not even a letter, email, or a damn phone call!”
Stopping her from pulling away I stammer, “I missed you, baby. I just couldn’t be where I was and think about you too.” I pull her into me and lay my cheek against her head. “Please, baby, just let me hold you. I couldn’t stay away from you anymore. I only have two more days before I have to leave again and I want to spend them with you. Let me hold you and just talk to you. I miss your voice and the feel of you in my arms.” Her smell envelopes me and I feel like I’m home.
She’s tense for a few seconds then her arms go around my waist and she presses her whole body against me, “I missed you too.”
I pull away so I can see her face and the tears streaking down her beautiful face kill me. “Don’t cry, baby. I can’t stand it when you cry.” I lower my head to her and ghost my lips against hers. I want to devour her but I need to let her take the lead. She gasps and opens to me and I plunge my tongue in to taste her; beer and mint mix with her unique flavor and my body reacts to the one person who has the power to affect my soul. My heart beats wildly in my chest and my dick fills to the point of pain. I tilt her head to give me better access and the whole room fades into the background. I suck on her lower lip and she moans into my mouth as I bury my hands in her hair. She runs her hands over my chest and I can’t help it as my hand moves to her ass and I grind against her.
My mouth leaves hers and I make my way to her ear, “I need to be alone with you, baby,” I whisper. “Let’s get out of here. My house is so close and there’s no one home.” I pull away and take her hand,  “Will you come with me?”
She nods her head, “I have to tell Jodi though. I’m her ride.”
I look around and Debbie is still standing there, her eyes like daggers,  “Hey Debbie, Lisa and I are going to my house to talk. Can you tell Jodi when you see her?”
Debbie looks at Lisa, “Lisa, you are okay with this?”
Lisa glances back at me with glistening eyes, “Yeah Deb, I won’t be too long. We’ll be at his house. If we’re not back by midnight send one of the guys down to get us.”
Debbie nods and says, “Okay, I hope you know what you’re doing.”
I don’t wait for Lisa to re-think about what’s happening, I grab her hand and drag her behind me to the door. She gasps when the cold air hits her, I should have let her get her coat but stopping now is not an option. I yank her closer to me, surrounding her with my heat as we make our way to my house. I slam the door open and it tries to close on us but I haul her through the opening then press her against it, “Oh God, baby, I’ve missed you so much,” I say lowering my mouth to hers again. My hands on her cheeks holding her in place for my assault, grinding my cock into her, “You are more beautiful than I remember. I just want to be inside of you,” my body is on fire for her.
I pick her up and her legs wrap around me just like I fantasized about before. I want to hold her to me forever but I lower her onto the couch, following her down, bracing myself above her. I look at her below me and think how lucky I am that she didn’t reject me. I wouldn’t have blamed her and I feel like shit that I’m leaving again in two days and don’t have the strength to leave her alone. Her heart is in her eyes and I wonder if she can see the love I hold for only her reflected in my eyes. I can’t stop myself from touching I ease her shirt over her head then take her mouth again before making my way down her throat, over the pulse racing there, along her collarbone as I push the cups of her bra down to release those perfect breasts. I suckle her nipple and my cock jerks in my pants, “I missed the taste of you, baby, no one tastes like you. You are perfect.” I unclasp her bra and pull it off as her breath starts coming in gasps. I’ve made her come with my fingers and mouth but tonight I need to be inside her when she comes. My hand moves down her side and she shivers underneath me, god I love how responsive she is to me. It kills me that I wasn’t her first but I couldn’t take her virginity and leave, what kind of douchebag would that have made me. I drop my hand to her thigh and push up her skirt, her panties are drenched and I can smell her arousal. “God you are so wet for me, baby. I am going to make you come so hard,” I press the palm of my hand against the wet silk. “I need to taste you, baby. I missed having my tongue in you. “
I pull her skirt and panties off she spreads her legs for me and my heart misses a beat, “I almost forgot how beautiful you were.” I lower my head and inhale her scent, so unique to her. I part her folds with my fingers and lave her with my tongue in one long swipe. She arches her back, nearly pushing us both off the couch. I capture her leg and throw it over my shoulder and attack. I suck, lick and nibble on her clit as I ease a finger into her. She calls out my name and I almost come in my pants.
 “God you are still so tight, baby. I still wish I was your first,” I confess to her. 
“You will be Bobby. Steve and I never got this far,” she says. And just like that it’s like someone threw a bucket of ice water on me. I can’t take her virginity. I’m not asshole enough to make her a hook-up. I stop and look at her, “What do you mean? You guys were together for almost a year.” I don’t understand.
“He wasn’t you. It has always been you, Bobby.”
I sit up. “I can’t be your first, Lisa. I am leaving in two days. I won’t do that to you.”
“But you are the only one I want, Bobby,” Lisa cries. “Please, I want you so much.”
God I want her so much but I can’t, won’t be that guy, “Get dressed, Lisa, we’re going back to the party.” I stand and hold my hand out to her.
“Fuck you asshole! You think you can come back and I won’t be a virgin anymore so it would be ok to fuck me and leave me? That’s why you came back isn’t it? You’re an asshole!” I wince at her words but as much as I want her it wouldn’t be right. I’ve probably just blown any chance at ever having a life with her and my heart is breaking.
Lisa grabs her clothes and gets dressed then stomps to the door. I follow her wanting to be near her even if she hates me.
“Just where do you think you’re going? You need to stay here. You’ve already fucked up my night. The least you could do is let me try to salvage my New Year’s.”
“I just want to make sure you get back okay,” I whisper. There are tears on her cheeks again and I put them there.
“It’s four houses, Bobby. I will be fine but you will always be an asshole.” She turns and walks away from me and I let her. Leaning against the doorframe I can’t believe this night ended any hope I held of future happiness. My heart just left and I’m never getting it back.

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Lisa & Bobby #1

I hear his car pull up and am out the door like a bullet. I wave to Arthur in the front seat, the back door opens and he is here. I freeze and just look at him. God he looks good enough to eat. He shuts the door and walks up to me and stops. I want to throw myself at him and shove my tongue in his mouth.

“Hi Beautiful” He lifts his hand to caress my cheek. “God you look good. I missed you.” And that’s it. I grab his hair and pull him down for a kiss. We both groan when our mouths touch. His arms go around me he picks me up and holds me close. Our mouths open at the same time and our tongues battle for dominance. All thought has left my mind I just want to get closer to him. I wrap my legs around him and use my thighs to push up so my mouth is above his. One of his arms goes under my ass to hold me up. Both my hands are now in his hair my elbows resting on his arms. He nips on my lower lip and I counter by sucking on his tongue. Finally I need to take a breath and pull away.

“Hi Handsome” I pant. I release the pressure of my thighs a little so I am more eye level with him.

“Wow that was some welcome” He smiles at me.

Lisa & Bobby #2
I wake to the smell of coffee and bacon. I am alone in the bed. I stretch and smile, I am a little sore after last night but my body getting used to Bobby’s size is so worth the discomfort. I get up and go to the bathroom, oh a Jacuzzi tub big enough for two we will definitely have to try that out later. I wash my face and use my finger to brush my teeth my bag is still in the guest room. 

I go to Bobby’s closet to find something to slip into. Hmm a black button down shirt will do nicely. I roll up the sleeves and do the last three buttons. I love dressing in men’s clothes in the morning. I run my fingers through my hair and walk towards the kitchen. I hear Bobby humming along to The Killers’ ‘Here With Me’. His back is to me and I can see more scars where the bullets came out. I am so lucky he made it back.

My man is hot! The song changes to The Lumineers’ ‘Ho Hey’ and he moves his hips in time to the music. I lean against the door frame and just watch until I can’t resist touching him anymore. I start walking towards him just as he turns to reach for something and spots me, “I was going to bring you breakfast in bed,” he says smiling at me. He reaches for me and kisses me, he tastes like coffee and toothpaste. He wraps his arms around me and pulls me close, I reach up to caress the stubble on his face, he looks so hot when he doesn’t shave.

When he ends the kiss I just want to pull him back, “I see you raided my closet, damn girl you look hot in my clothes.”

I run my hands over his chest, “And you look hot out of them.” I look at his body and trace his abs down to the open button of his jeans. His breath catches as my fingers start exploring right above his zipper, “I am hungry, but not for breakfast.”

Lisa & Brad #1
“Wait,” I look up at him. “We need to get some things straight between us. I’m sorry that I screwed us up. I never should have asked you to be with me just because Bobby rejected me. I was angry and hurt but that did not give me the right to use you. It was not my intention to change our relationship and if I could go back to that night I would do it because I lost my best friend that night and I want him back.”

“You didn’t lose me Lisa. You could never lose me. Do I want more than friendship with you? Yes but I wanted that before we slept together. If all I can have of you is friendship I’ll take it. Do I fantasize about you waking up one morning and seeing that Bobby is not worthy of your love? Hell yes because I don’t want to have to pick up pieces of your heart again. And I owe you an apology too. After that night you needed me to be your friend and all I wanted was to be with you again. I couldn’t see that by not letting you heal first I was pushing you away. I wonder all the time if I had just stopped and not pushed you to give me what I wanted if somehow we could have eventually come together. So now I will be your friend because not having you in my life at all is worse than having to be just a friend.”

The tears are running down my cheek and he pulls me into his arms. He doesn’t say anything else just rubs the back of my neck. Why can’t I love this guy? How can my heart want anyone else? I put my arms around his waist and hold tight which is a good thing because just then we run aground. The boat stops suddenly and we are pitched forward. Brad puts the engine in reverse but all that happens is brown silt is churned up by the outboard motor. Brad cuts the engine so we don’t burn it out.

“Looks like we’re stuck here for a while,” he says as he puts his arms back around me. “High tide is in about an hour so we shouldn’t have to wait too long to get free.”

I can’t help but laugh. It starts out as a chuckle but starts to build. I feel his responding laugh starting as I pull away and look up at him, “Well this is a familiar dilemma. But I am not jumping in the water to get us unstuck. If we need to lighten up you are going in.”

“It’s my boat and I have to drive it,” he is still laughing.

“Yes but you weigh almost two of me so we will rise twice as far. And you’re stronger than me, you can push us off. And I have driven this boat before.” I point out.

“Like seven or eight years ago,” he says. “It’s a moot point anyway, I don’t mind waiting on the tide.”

I walk to the bow and sit on one of the benches there, “Fine we will wait for the tide.”

He comes and sits opposite of me, “Well then finish telling me about Bobby and Stuart.”

And just like that I have my friend back. I tell him everything, all my feelings and fears. The fact that my body still reacts to Bobby when he touches me or even looks at me. That I’m scared he’ll break me apart but more scared that if I don’t give it a chance I will regret it for the rest of my life. I tell him about my night with Stuart and that I can’t see myself with him this time next month.

Then he asks me a question that floors me, “Out of all the men in your life, who can you see still being there with you in five years?”

My only answer, “You.”

Hi Baby,

I hope the rest of your day went well. I have not been able to concentrate on anything since I left you. I finally decided to get on the plane earlier than planned so I can hear your voice sooner.

I left a few things for your ankle. Please use them, I would have rather taken care of you myself but I have to make this trip. Arthur has been instructed to pick you up and take you to and from work for the rest of the week. I know you are going to balk at this but please let him do this. He would just be sitting around otherwise.

I stop reading and look in the box. An ace bandage, bottle of water, ice pack and Tylenol are all present as well as a small wrapped gift. I take the box out and my heart starts pounding. It is definitely a jewelry box and I know exactly what’s in it. I place it beside me and go back to reading.

To say I’ll miss you seems redundant. I’ve been missing you for years. People have called me heartless and they’re right. My heart resides with you and the only time I feel anything is when I’m in your presence. My greatest hope is that someday you will give me your heart again so I can finally feel complete.

You don’t have to open the gift now but I need you to have it. When you are sure about me, when you are ready to love and trust me again I ask that you wear it. It is a symbol of my commitment to you and seeing it on you will be the happiest day of my life. Once you see it I know you will understand. I found it two years ago and I just couldn’t let it sit in my drawer when I knew it belonged with you. I hope you don’t feel like I’m pushing you, I am just excited that you said we can try.

I will call you when I land. I can’t wait to hear your voice. I plan on keeping you on the phone for hours just so I can hear you talk. I want to be the last thing you think about before you close those gorgeous brown eyes. You are that to me, the first and last thing I think about every day, always.

I will speak with you soon. Open the box take care of you ankle and think of me.

I miss you,

Lisa & Jodi

I open the fridge and take out a bottle of wine, grab a glass and fill it. I drink almost half in one gulp. When I turn around they are both there staring at me. “Let’s get something straight” I start. “You are both important in my life but if you don’t learn to get along you know where the door is. The choice is yours.”

Brad’s mouth is gaping, really he could catch flies. Bobby starts to walk towards me. I put my hand up to stop him. “Don’t. You guys need to talk. I’m going to my room. When you get your shit together and decide not to treat me like a bone in a dog fight maybe I’ll come out. Got it?”

They both nod, looking like they’ve never seen me before. I take my wine and walk right past them to my room. I call Jodi’s name and sit on my bed. This is not how I thought this night would go just five minutes ago. What the hell is wrong with them?

Jodi comes bounding in with a smirk on her face and fist bumps me. “Did you see their faces? Holy shit girl, way to take them down. I can’t believe you just did that!” She laughs.

Neither can I. “Are they talking at all or is Brad’s mouth still on the floor?” I am laughing now too. The expression on their faces was priceless. “Do you think it did any good? I mean we were not even in the house a minute and the two of them are going at each other. What the fuck? How old are they?”

“John will explain it to them once he stops laughing. We’re proud of you. A little surprised but damn that was better entertainment then the movie.” She sits next to me. “Do you really expect them to be friends?”

“Friends, no but at least be civil to one another. I am not going to be the rope in a game of tug-of-war. I just get them both back into my life and now their acting like assholes!” I sigh. God why are men so difficult. You would think since they both know my feelings they would try to be considerate of them. I realize that Brad started the whole thing with the look he was giving us and the tone of his voice but Bobby didn’t need to make it worse with that comment. “Maybe I should just go to sleep and let them stew for the night.”

“Is that really what you want?” she asks me.

“No. Five minutes ago I figured Bobby and I would make small talk with you guys for fifteen minutes and then move in here to finish what we started outside.”

“What happened outside?”

“Oh Jodes, I can’t remember the last time I was kissed like that. And then the playful banter we had going on when we walked in. It just felt so natural with him. Is it really possible that I met my soul mate when I was fifteen? Because that’s how it feels like he is the other half of me. Am I crazy?” I lie back on my bed and stare at the ceiling.

“Hell no, John and I have been together almost that long and I can’t imagine my life without him. But I do think you need to take things slow. You both have a lot of history to get through and I do worry that he has problems from the Army that you don’t know about yet. Just don’t rush into this with blinders on, okay?” She lies back with me and we’re quiet for a moment.

Then she starts laughing again. “I can still see the looks on their faces. You missed the initial reaction. They looked at you then looked at each other and I didn’t know if they were going to start swinging or crying. Then they turned at the same time with their heads down like they were caught smoking in the Swamp and going to get reamed at Mr. Mollinari’s office.”

Now I am laughing, I have to sit up so I don’t spill my wine. “So how long do you think I should give them before going back out there?”

As I say it there is a knock on my door. I look at Jodi and she cocks an eyebrow. “Do you want me to let them in?”

“Yeah let’s see what they have to say for themselves.”

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