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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Fifty Shades of Foreskin by Robert Chandler Review & Giveaway

Book Title: Fifty Shades of Foreskin
Author: Robert Chandler
Publisher: Chandler World Media (February 3, 2015)
Book Length: 271 pages
Genre: Gay, Action/Adventure, Erotica

Book Blurb:
Jake Parker is barely legal...and very deadly! He's a young, hot, uncut and impulsive twink with a secret. On his own for the first time, this seemingly normal gay teen is about to embark on the adventure of a lifetime. His journey from boyhood to manhood will be filled with sex, adventure, travel, danger and passion. He'll be put through tests and training that will stretch him to his limits, teaching him what he's truly made of. But once he's stripped bare, face-to-face with a savage and seductive enemy, will he have what it takes to save the free world?The first summer of his adulthood will leave Jake Parker changed forever... if he lives through it! Fifty Shades of Foreskin is a boundary-pushing gay erotic adventure full of unforgettable excitement, forbidden desire and pulse-pounding thrills.

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The first few chapters of this book makes you think that it's all about Jake's sexual experiences........... this is not far off, but eventually there is a plot that emerges.  Jake is a part of a secret organization that wants to take down those who threaten the economy of the world. We go along with Jake through his training and now he is on his first mission. Of course each chapter, also holds a new sex partner(s), until he finally gets to his destination. Then we finally get to know Jake a little more.

There are secrets and twists within the story once we get to the mission. There is a cliffhanger so hopefully we will get another installment.  This is a quick and fun read.....oh and the sex is hot!

Excerpt:  Which brother tonight?
Leo says something to Matteo in Italian and I'm too drunk and stoned to figure it out. Even if I was sober, it would probably be beyond the basics of my language training anyway. I just sit back and enjoy the sound of their voices. It takes my arousal up a notch. I’ve never met a real Italian before, much less two brothers. Much less two hot gay brothers! Hearing them talk softly to each other is really nice.
Matteo scoots over until his body is pressed against my side, opposite of his brother, and his tongue moves up and down my neck. “You like, Giaco?”
My only response is to moan. Matteo understands that this is universals for “fuck, yeah I do!” So it’s looking like it’s the older brother I’ll be hooking up with. No problem there. I wait for Leo to make some excuse in Italian and leave the storage room so I can be alone with his older sibling.
Instead, little bro reaches over and covers my dick with his palm. He rubs my crotch delicately while his big brother starts nibbling my ear. I guess young Leo has no intention of leaving.
The guys put their hands on my chest and I feel myself shift. I grab onto Leo’s shoulder for support as the two of them lower me on my back. I feel my T-shirt pulled up over my chest, leaving my torso uncovered. I feel four hands over my bare skin. Leo takes my left nipple in his mouth while Matteo takes my right. Is this really happening?

Author Bio:
Robert Chandler is a writer, filmmaker and sexual revolutionary. Since an early age, he dreamed of telling stories of adventure that readers would masturbate to, but put those dreams aside to focus on his cats and career. He finally worked up the nerve to put fingers to keys with his first novel, Fifty Shades of Foreskin. He is also the creator of the popular adult website, Fantastic Foreskin.

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Grand Prize: Signed Paperback and an ebook of Fifty Shades of Foreskin
First Prize: Signed Paperback of Fifty Shades of Foreskin
Second, Third & Forth Prize: An eBook of Fifty Shades of Foreskin


1 comment:

  1. I'm glad you enjoyed the secrets and twists and found the sex hot.
    There will definitely be another book that deals with plot elements introduced in "Fifty Shades of Foreskin." Jake Parker will be back!