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Saturday, March 8, 2014

Bound to the Fallen ~ Review and Character Interview

Within all legends, within all myths, lies a glimmer of truth. . . 

Since the beginning of time there have been stories of demons and tales of darkness; creatures that stalk our dreams. Beings we pray in reality will never touch us. It is easily forgotten that evil can be veiled by breathtaking beauty. After all, few things in this world are truly as they seem. 

Brooke Davis was well aware that people can pretend to be someone they are not. She'd had several life experiences that had taught her that. When she met Gavin Hunter she thought she knew exactly what kind of man he was - but she couldn't have been more mistaken in her assumption. 

Gavin Hunter was successful, dominant, and had an innate weakness for women. A weakness that, if not controlled, could lead to a dangerous attraction. To make certain that he remained in control he never pursued an innocent mortal — until Brooke. The temptation she posed was a sin he could not deny, a pleasure he wanted to own. His desire for Brooke possessed him. 

Brooke and Gavin quickly became entangled within a passionate love founded on deception. Not even the darkness could keep his secrets hidden forever, for it was only a matter of time before Gavin’s past would try to tear their love apart. 

Prophecies can rarely be changed, fate seldom turns, and Brooke would soon find herself clinging to sins most would run from. 

There was no escape. She had been bound the moment that he fell. 

Due to language and sexual content this book is intended for mature audiences.



Oh my.....a fallen angel. I have to tell you when we first meet Gavin he is arrogant, entitled, a real asshole. But man is he hot. I mean God made him perfect. You just want to tie him up and have your way with him.....of course that's his thing. He doesn't kiss his lovers. His lovers are not allowed to touch him with their lips. And still they want more......can you imagine how good he is?? Let's face it women like to be's almost more important than the actual sex act itself. So if a man can make a woman come and want to come back again without kissing her he has to have some serious skill.  Of course it helps when he's the oldest being on earth. He's had lots of practice.

But you want to know the story right......I mean I could tell you Gavin is the hottest character I've read in a while but you still need a story to go along with him. Unless he was standing right in front of you that is. Sorry, it's just so hard to concentrate on the story when I think of Gavin. 

Brooke, yeah that's her name. Her father is a heart surgeon, arrogant, cheater who left Brooke's mother for a younger woman. Brooke has sworn off doctors. And where does she end up working? In a research office of a group of neurosurgeons. Can you see where this is going?  The man she works under is a slimy piss ant who wants Brooke for himself. Then Brooke meets Dr. Gavin Hunter. Sex on a stick. But she's sworn off doctors. That's why she dresses to impress to the office....he he. 

Gavin tries to avoid Brooke. It's been ages since he's been drawn to a human like this. But even he's not good enough to ignore the pull to her. He invites her to a conference in Boston and things as you would imagine get hot. 

Now Gavin has a problem, there is a prophecy about a human and fallen angel causing the end of the world. Could this be Gavin and Brooke ..... it's sure looking that way. He can't let her go but can he protect her? 

I totally enjoyed this book....after I got through the first scene. That was a little confusing but once the story actually started I was hooked. Loved the two POV's. Loved Gavin, liked Brooke. 

I give this an enthusiastic 4 stars and cannot wait for the next book in the series!!  

Exclusive Interview 

We are joined today by Gavin Hunter, fallen angel and star of Stevie J. Cole’s book Bound to the Fallen

Gavin it’s good to have you here.
Thank you, Jill, it’s lovely to be talking with you.

So you were the first angel to fall is that correct?
Yes, the first to give into the exquisite feel of a woman. Really, if you ask me being sentenced to eternal damnation is a tad harsh for pleasuring a woman… but it is what it is, aye?

And you’ve been alive since before Adam?
That’s correct.

And in all that time you’ve never been in love before?
Never. Not even tempted in the slightest to give that control to anyone – until Brooke.

What is it about Brooke that drew you to her?
I can’t really describe it. Just – her innocence maybe? Something about her was so very different. She’s unlike any other mortal I’ve ever known. I was completely unable to control myself with her.

When did you know that you’d fallen in love with her?
I knew I was in trouble the moment I allowed my lips to touch hers. The fact that I had no desire to take her… so very different and such a damn turn on. I guess the moment I could no longer deny the fact that I loved her was the night at the Gala. When I saw her it made me weak, and for the first time I was okay with feeling weakness. It was absolutely lovely.

Do you believe you can keep her safe?
Death is the only thing that would stop me. She’s the only thing I’ve ever cared for… the only thing I’ve ever feared I could lose.

If we ask Brooke what she loves most about you what would she say?
Well, not to sound too vain… but I have had a very long time to master my ability to please a woman. No other man would ever be able to please her the way I can. I can assure you of that. Aside from that, I would say she likes my smile. She tells me it’s wicked all the time.

I have to tell you Gavin that you are a gorgeous man. **blushes**  I have to tell my readers that you’ve had a definite effect on my lady parts, but your eyes just light up when you speak about Brooke.
Thank you.
I guess love does that to you, aye? Never thought I’d feel this way about anyone, and I must confess I find this feeling very enjoyable.

So will we ever find out about the beginning scene on the beach?
Oh, that scene? Not my favorite part of my story, but yes, you will find out in the next book. Our story was really only getting started when the first book ended…

Alright let’s do a quick fire. I’ll give you a word and you tell me the first thing that pops into that delectable head of yours.

Untouchable desires
Complete submission

Thank you so much for being with us today! I know I speak for my readers when I say we totally enjoyed ourselves. 
Very nice speaking with you, love. Can’t wait to share the rest of our story with you. I can assure you, it won’t disappoint.

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