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Saturday, October 5, 2013

Jealously Blog Tour and Review

TITLE – Jealousy
AUTHOR – Jenna Galicki
RELEASE DATE – July 3, 2013
GENRE – Contemporary Romance


When Heather Cooper married Peter, she thought that she had finally found someone who could handle the inseparable bond she shares with her gay best friend, Justin Perrotta. It’s only a matter of time, however, before jealousy rears its ugly head and Peter’s true feelings emerge. He starts drinking and his erratic behavior threatens their marriage.

Burned by an ex-boyfriend, Justin refuses to open his heart to love again. Wild relationships and one night stands leave him lonely and unfulfilled, even though he will not admit it. He finds love when he least expects it, but his fear of commitment threatens to ruin the best thing that has ever happened to him.

In this modern day ‘Will and Grace’ meets ‘Sex and the City’, two best friends, a straight woman and a gay man, struggle to find someone to love as much as they love each other.


Excerpt #1

Heather leaned back and silently stared at the ceiling for a long time. She wondered why she was given another cross to bear. She thought tragedy and bad luck were behind her.  She thought she was past all the obstacles that always stood in her way. She had overcome and endured and finally found happiness. She continued to stare at the ceiling. She had overcome and endured and finally found happiness, she repeated to herself. Maybe that was God’s plan after all. She had completed her mission. She found happiness and true love. Wasn’t that what she searched for her entire life? Maybe this was the end of the road – the end of her life’s journey. Then why would God drag Justin into it? Why wouldn’t He just let her die?  But . . . what if that was part of Justin’s life plan? What if they were destined to be together, in life and in death? It was unfair. Two large tears fell from the corners of her eyes, and she pressed her trembling lips together.

Justin squeezed in bed with her. She welcomed his presence and rested her head on his chest. He pulled her closer, and she knew that he needed her just as much as she needed him.

Heather and Justin have been attached at the hip since the cradle. To say they are best friends is understating the relationship. Heather turns to Justin when she needs comfort and the same goes with Justin.  The problem is that Heather is straight and Justin is gay so when they try to find partners they have a problem, each other. 

Heather is married to a man that has dealt with her unique relationship with Justin for the last seven years but he really doesn't like homosexuals and has a hard time dealing with Justin's boyfriends.  Justin has just been dumped by his partner of five years because he spends too much time with Heather. 

We follow Heather and Justin through the ups and downs of their relationships. The bond between these two is really hard to overcome. One of the main problems is they cannot find the right people. Ones that truly love them for who they are and can deal with the "other person" in their lives.  

I enjoyed this book however around the middle it starts to drag. Also please be warned that there are m/m sex scenes so if you're not into that this isn't the book for you.  All in all the story is unique and is a complete hard to find these days. 

3.5 Stars!


I am a newly published author of adult contemporary romance, geared toward male/male romance.

My debut novel, Jealousy, is a modern day 'Will & Grace' meets 'Sex & the City' - only hotter. A reviewer recently gave me a a tremendous compliment by comparing it to 'Jane Austen' meets '50 Shades".

In Jealousy, I am blending genres, in that it has both m/f and m/m romance. I am introducing the reader to m/m romance, in a way that is tender, touching and loving. I want to make m/m romance novels mainstream in the literary industry. I want to take it from the back shelf and put it on the front shelf. I want to walk into a major retail book store and see boy meets boy, right along side boy meets girl.


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